The Fresh Market to Close Elk Grove, Two Other Area Stores

March 6, 2014 | A victim of slow sales, three area Fresh Market store's, including one in Elk Grove, will be closing next week a...

March 6, 2014 |

A victim of slow sales, three area Fresh Market store's, including one in Elk Grove, will be closing next week according to a store employee who received a layoff notice today. The Elk Grove store has been opened for less than one year.

According to the employee, the layoffs will be effective next week at which time the Elk Grove, Roseville and Sacramento stores will be shuttered. The Elk Grove store is located on Laguna Boulevard and Bruceville Road and currently operates in a portion of the space formerly by the Save Mart grocery store.

The laid-off employee said that the company will pay them through this May. A store employee named David refused to comment if the store was closing, if employees had received layoff notices and disconnected the call when asked for a referral to the company's corporate office. 

The North Carolina-based company entered the market in October by opening its first Northern California store in Roseveille. The Fresh Market closing follows the second chain in recent years to unsuccessfully enter the Northern California market following British retailing giants Tesco's Fresh and Easy stores which closed last fall just as The Fresh Market's Elk Grove store was opening. 

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Anonymous said...

Gilmoore move in! Good location for Mickey and Colt!

Coffee Bean said...

They're dropping like flies. Kinetic Bicycles is closing and moving to Sac. The gym at the old Bel Air shopping center on EG Blvd. closed down this week. Yep, we need the SOI.

Anonymous said...

Free Malt beer tasting on store opening! Ribbon cutting with HRH Gary Davis! (Bow)

Anonymous said...

I can see it now. Randy Starbuck and Mayor Davis at the grand opening of the new, expanded Gil Moore's Beer Cave II in the space formerly occupied by Fresh Mart.

Thanks in part to the huge new billboard Moore was able to build, which was funded by the economic development incentive offered by the city, Moore is opening the world's largest convenience store. Buoyed by earning that distinction of having the worlds largest convenience store, the mayor proudly proclaims "thanks to being laser focused on correcting our jobs to housing imbalance, we have this fine new beer cave, now we are a true destination city"!

Anonymous said...

Do we have to wear Hawaiian shirt on the opening?

Bainc said...

Wow, that didn't last long. I remember the council meeting only a few short months ago when they applied for a waiver in getting a liquor license. It was granted so I suppose there's now a liquor license floating around for Mr. Moore to scoop up.

Anonymous said...

How sad, that's three businesses in maybe two weeks. The business on Sheldon (Moores) will bring no business to the downtown area of EG. Sure we will get some tax dollars, but will they offet the lost tax dollars in the local area and maybe cause more businesses to close? It seems we never look very far in advance...just what's in your face today. Our electeds have so far shown little insite to the larger picture.

Anonymous said...

I think a number of things doomed this store.

1.) Poor location
2.) Competition from other high end grocery stores in Elk Grove
3.) Not withstanding the competition from Nugget and Trader Joe's and to a certain extend Sprouts, Elk Grove demographics just can't support this type of store
4.) The real winner in this market is Wal Mart Grocery and Winco. They both cater to families without the disposal income to shop at Fresh Mart or Nugget.

Sad to see another grocer bail on Elk Grove.

Anonymous said...

It must be the Elk Grove City Councils fault for every national and international business failure in Elk Grove. Maybe we need to build a Gallo to hang all 5 of them. The readers of EGN would bitch about the $50 cost of a new rope for the hanging. Get a life people.

Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon anon 23:08 no swear words. Let's keep this civil! no one said they want to hang the council so don't go there 23:08. why turn to violence?
You guys remember when the natural food co-op was at bond shopping center and closed? The Grocery Outlet opened in the same place and has been doing just fine. Fresh Market was not a fit for this town.

Bainc said...

The stores in Roseville and and on Fair Oaks are also closing. This isn't an Elk Grove can't support anything other than Winco/Walmart issue. The grocery business is tough right now. Fresh and Easy didn't fair too well either.

Jughead said...

Hey Anon 23:08; get a life? Really? Who is scoping out EGN at that hour of the night? At least I was spending some quality time with Betty and Veronica!

Anonymous said...

Elk Grove will become an extension of South Sac if they keep allowing new homes to be built.

New homes = more high density low income housing projects as required by the state.

NO more new homes until this place is cleaned up.

Keep building and this place will become like South Sac, north Stockton, Modesto, Fresno.

Lynn said...

to the above; the council is putting energy into planning for the next 30-50years outside of our current city boundary. I would prefer the city to focus the next twenty years on what we have within our boundaries. We have such great opportunities to still create a city feel and not a suburbia feel. This takes vision, creativity and all working together. I am sorry to find this store closing. It is tough. This indicates to me that filling the old BelAir on Elk Grove Blvd is going to be very, very difficult. I would like a grocery store in that location so our adult community programs, seniors, and even the young would be able to have the ability to walk, ride a bike....I agree the council can not be blamed for this store closure....I prefer to blame them on how they are spending the tax dollars; not responding to residents ideas or concerns....and pushing everyone who lives here away from attending council meetings.

Connie said...

To Anon at 23:08,

I will address your comments that we who read, post and contribute to EGN should “get a life” because we “bitch” about the actions of the Elk Grove City Council.

Government at the local level affects our daily lives and their votes ultimately could, and have, changed our daily lives and our city, both in a positive and negative manner. I will give a few examples of the rural area, as I have lived here for over 30 years.

Years ago, at an Elk Grove Planning Commission meeting, former Commissioner Paul Lindsay, addressing a large contingency of the rural residents there to protect our way of life looked at us and said, “You people over in the rural area need to get a life!” Several of us spoke up loudly and responded, “This is our life!”

At the next meeting upon reflecting on his statement, Mr. Lindsay apologized because he realized that every action, every vote, every matter that comes before both the planning commission and the city council does affect the lives of the citizens of our city.

We “bitched” about a Walmart Supercenter, we “bitched” about Vintara Park and rightfully so. But we also praise the good works of the council as well.

At the last council meeting, again involving the rural area, Elk Grove City Council member Pat Hume stood up for the rural area in addressing the proposed roundabouts and also the closing of Rubia Road. Mr. Hume also lead the way for the rural road standards which still stand today, working closing with residents of our area.

So if what you call what active citizens do to protect their quality of life, trying to ensure we have a voice in the future of our city, and our daily lives, then I say to the people on Elk Grove News, “bitch away!”

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