Poll Shows Scant Support For Sales Tax Increase; District 4 Candidates Have Varying Views on Matter

April 9, 2014 |A In an internet poll that concluded this afternoon, respondents showed little appetite for increasing Elk Grove sal...

April 9, 2014 |A

In an internet poll that concluded this afternoon, respondents showed little appetite for increasing Elk Grove sales taxes to fund road maintenance.

The unscientific poll found that only four of 56 poll respondents or seven percent would support a proposed sales tax increase by 1/2 cent. Respondents overwhelmingly opposed a proposed increase with 50 of 56, or 90 percent, opposing it. Two respondents, or three percent, were undecided.

The sales tax increase is one of the proposals the Elk Grove City Council will consider at tonight's meeting. The possible sales tax increase is one of three alternatives being considered as a means to fund anticipated road maintenance over the next 20 years.

As tricky as putting a sales tax measure on the ballot is for city council members during an election year, should the measure be placed on the November ballot, candidates for the District 4 seat will also be faced with a thorny issue.

The three main candidates in that quickly-heating-up race have taken varying stances on the issue.

Elk Grove Unified School District trustee Steve Ly deferred a taking a stance on this issue of a sales tax increase, but said he would consider this and any matter in the context of how it might affect working families and the promotion of business development in the city.

"It would be premature to comment on an issue where city staff have not fully presented on what and why the options are" Ly said in a written statement. "However, as a general rule of mine, I will always ask how does this promote businesses/economic growth and benefit working families?"

Ly's Democratic opponent, Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires said she supports funding road maintenance, but that the city should seek other funding sources.

"I support appropriate funding for road maintenance but Elk Grove taxpayers shouldn't have to carry the load because state and federal authorities are not fulfilling their responsibilities," Chaires wrote in her statement. "The City should work with our representatives in the State Capitol and in Washington D.C. to secure the funding necessary to maintain roads and ensure pedestrian safety."

Daniel Jimenez, the newest entrant to the District 4 race, said in an interview conducted earlier this week that he would not support any sales tax increase to fund road maintenance adding that it should be done with the city's current budget. 

Tonight's city council meeting starts at 6 p.m. 


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1 comment

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Roads:

ELK GROVE BLVD. CLOSED all day on Saturday and Sunday

Another example of great planning.

Elk Grove Boulevard will be closed Saturday and Sunday 7 am to 6 pm for the Soap Box Derby.


Why didn't they use the Grantline overpass instead? There is sigificantly less traffic out near the empty mall.

The added traffic will add 20 minutes to your drive to I-5 due to added congestion at Laguna and Franklin and Laguna and Harbour Point combined with the added traffic on the surface streets.

There is far less traffic over on the Grantline overpass near the "Mall of Elk Grove".

Why didn't they use that overpass instead of using an overpass in one of the more densely populated parts of Elk Grove?

I would like to know why the PR person for the City didn't send this information to Elk Grove Online and Elk Grove News.net

Just another example of great planning in the "thriving" city of Elk Grove.

Whose idea was this anyways?

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