Proposed Soccer Stadium Discussion 86'ed; Is This The End of Elk Grove's Pro Soccer Dreams?

May 30, 2014 | At Wednesday night's Elk Grove City Council Meeting, City Manager Laura Gill removed a highly-anticipated update on...

May 30, 2014 |

At Wednesday night's Elk Grove City Council Meeting, City Manager Laura Gill removed a highly-anticipated update on the city's pursuit of a Major League Soccer team and $120 million stadium.

Citing recent professional soccer developments in Sacramento, Gill asked to have the item "continued off calendar." Without discussion, the council permitted deferring the discussion "off calendar."

So, is this the end for Elk Grove's soccer dreams?

See video below.

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Anonymous said...

The soccer kids must have had inside info that it was gonna get dropped, or else they woulda filled the chambers like before? Wonder if the Elk is gonna try to "horn" its way in to the County-wide sales tax proposal being talked about to fund an MLS stadium for the Republic? Just follow the soccer kids, and show up at City Hall when they do!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this foolish idea has been laid to rest forever. What the people asked for; and where the need is greatest; is with kid's soccer the ones at Cherry Island or in Fairfield. Multiple fields for tournament play...reasonable snack hut; smallish locker rooms for changing; a few fields with lights for night games; all purpose grass/turf. Our city could host tournaments and turn a profit. MLS is never going to the surbs; they will stay where the money is and that is not in EG. Thankfully, I think that county wide sale tax is dead on arrival...many, many people have not recovered from the great recession and not in a position to approve a sales tax increase that has no sunset date; nor has much restrictions on how to spend the money...I don't think the citizens will approve such a tax.

Jughead Jones said...

The thing to note about the Republic FC sales tax increase scheme, it that in its current form, it is a county-wide proposal. The Bee reported that proponents will try to bring it to the Board of Supervisors in hopes of getting it on the November ballot.

Personally I am not in favor of this. We have more pressing needs than building a soccer stadium for a minor league team. More pressing concerns include addressing the city and county's houses to malt shop imbalance!

Anonymous said...

I am a huge supporter of the proposed one-eighth cent tax increase - with one significant caveat. Take out the soccer stadium and dedicate the funds to libraries, the arts, parks, etc., all those wonderful amenities which are the treasures of a region, treasures which live on for decades, enriching and expanding our cultural options.

I would definitely vote for this tax increase, in a heartbeat, but only if the soccer stadium is taken out. I believe many people feel this way.

Michael Monasky said...

I listened to the council meeting while working in the garage.
Notice the compulsive chuckle that Davis emits every time he opens and closes public testimony in one breath.

So many important details, and so little discussion...
It's appalling to me that the entire city council meeting, which included a complex 250 page budget report (which I still cannot get to fully download,) was over within an hour and fifteen minutes.

I can't wait for Cooper to win his seat with the legislature so that he can appoint his replacement, just as Davis did when he became mayor.

Get the brooms and sweep the bums out.

Anonymous said...

No, it will never be 86'ed. They're too entrenched to ever change their minds. Just buckle your seat belts're in for the ride of your life!

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