Should Elk Grove City Council Drop 'Moment of Silence' For an Opening Prayer?

May 6, 2014 | At the start of every Elk Grove City Council meeting, a moment of silence is observed. While not specifically stated,...

May 6, 2014 |

At the start of every Elk Grove City Council meeting, a moment of silence is observed. While not specifically stated, this is the portion of the meeting where an opening prayer might be offered.

With yesterday's United States Supreme Court decision specifically allowing an opening prayer at city council meetings in Greece, New York, should the Elk Grove City Council rethink its moment of silence and open meetings with a prayer?

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Coffee Bean said...

"Our Developers who art in Elk Grove,
hallowed be your names.
Your profits come,
yours will be approved,
in Elk Grove, as it is in the Central Valley.
Give us this day our daily contributions,
and forgive us our local activists and crackpots,
as we also have ignored them.
And lead us not into temptation of being a great city,
but deliver us from evil crackpots and keep the cash registers ringing". Amen

Silent Dogood said...

I think that as long as they do it like our Legislature, rotate through different religions 1 meeting have a Baptist preacher the next a Jewish Rabbi, etc etc than it would be ok. They could even have an agnostic leader come and read a poem. That would eliminate any complaints that the city is favoring or sponsoring a specific religion over another.

Jughead said...

Coffee Bean, Wow! Now that is a prayer I am sure that not only all the council members can agree on, but you won't hear a complaint from the developers! One suggested change - substitute crackpots with crackheads. More appropriate given the direction our city is being taken in by the developers and their punks on the city council.

Anonymous said...


Coffee Bean

That was an excellent invocation for the Destination City / Future host to the Olympic Swimming Trials/ Home of the Octopus Shaped Civic Center / Next home for the Major League Soccer Team / Sister City to the Kingdom of Zamunda!


Anonymous said...

Nope. That's just opening a can of worms we don't need right now.

Lynn said...

To above; Yes...but it could lead to a distraction from other issues going on in our city. Personally....a moment of silence allows us to pray...

Michael M. said...

"The language of God is silence; everything else is just a bad translation."--Thos. Keating, OCSO

In place of our current city council meetings, I propose twenty minutes of silence and then a large social get-together.

That way the people of Elk Grove could get to know themselves before venturing off to Nigeria in search of those who hate the West.

Michael M.

Steven Masone said...

To seek guidance and protection of a Supreme Being is some comfort as we allow politicians and bureaucrats reign over our destiny.

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