Letter to the Editor - Bera Wrong on Hobby Lobby Decision

July 10,2014 | This letter is in reference to a July 4, 2014 story in the Elk Grove Citizen. "It sets a dangerous preceden...

July 10,2014 |

This letter is in reference to a July 4, 2014 story in the Elk Grove Citizen.

"It sets a dangerous precedent of putting employers in charge of the employees health care choices"  says U.S. REP. Ami Bera (D) Elk Grove. "Woman and their Doctors should be able to decide what kind of birth control is right for them, not bosses or politicians."  Which implies that it's OK for the Federal Government (politicians) to be in the exam room. Bera goes on to say that he hoped his opponent would join him in condemning this attack on individual freedom. Now, did Bera mean the freedom for a woman to buy contraceptive where, when and how many she chooses, or the freedom to get what every the government thinks she needs?

Employers have always determined what kind of health care and other benefits employers provide, often through negotiation. It's their money! They also determine salaries, work schedules, vacations days, and the type and quality of work you are required to perform. Does Ami Bera want government to make those decisions as well,  kind-a USSR style? 

Did Dr. Bera pay for contraceptives for his own employees?  Did he even provide health care?  He said it is a "right". I could not find that right in the Constitution.  How does this courts exemption prevent a woman and her doctor from deciding what condom or pill is best for her?  Will there be a government official in the exam room to mediate? If, as he said, he is "fighting against these kinds of intrusions into the exam room" shouldn't he be attacking Obama Care for; limiting available medical procedures, the cost increase of medical care, the government access to everybody's medical records and the choice of doctors. 

Rather than the taxpayers paying the government, then the government paying a bureaucrat to send a check to a medical group, let's cut out the middle man. When as woman wants to have sex, she should knock on her neighbors door and ask them to pay for her contraceptives.

 If Obama care is so great, why is the Congressman exempt? 

Dean La Chapelle
Elk Grove, Calif.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if its a "right" for a person to choose what form of BC is right for them and for their health care provider or employer to provide. But what I do know is that it is VERY right to have an advanced view on birth control as there are just a few too many humans walking the earth. It's the lower wage worker/uneducated/underclassed women, probably a lot like the typical Hobby Lobby worker, who can't afford birth control if it isn't provided via employee or subsidized health care. Matter of fact, we rank below such countries like Iran and Russia for not providing BC, and we sure like castigating their leadership and values. For all of the talk of "slippery slope" of conservatives, this is a pretty slick judgement by our court. A court made up of 5 catholic men, by the way. Lots of hypocracy here....

michael monasky said...

When men can get pregnant, the Vatican will declare abortion a sacrament.

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