Shoplifters Pepper Spray Elk Grove Retail Employee

August 1, 2014 | An Elk Grove retail store employee was pepper sprayed by shoplifters yesterday morning. According to Elk Grove Po...

August 1, 2014 |

An Elk Grove retail store employee was pepper sprayed by shoplifters yesterday morning.

According to Elk Grove Police, two unknown female suspects entered the Bed, Bath and Beyond store on West Stockton Boulevard and placed several items of merchandise in shopping bags. When the two suspects left the store without paying, they were approached by a store employee.

Upon contact, one of the shoplifters reportedly shot pepper spray in the employee's face and both fled in a white four door car. The employee was treated by the CCSD.

The suspect who assaulted the employee was described a black female adult with a heavy build and the other suspect as a black female adult with a thin build wearing a white top.

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Anonymous said...


She should have axed for a discount instead.

Elk Grove, the new South Sac. (Sowfth Sac)

Anonymous said...

Let's build more housing projects for these poor unfortunate souls..... NOT!

Kim Williams said...

I agree with many of the comments posted on this website, and I respect other people's opinions. However, sometimes the things people say behind an "anonymous" mask is revolting. Really Anonymous 13:52? "Axed?" "Sowfth?" Do you make these types of racist comments when people know who you are?

And 14:09... Not all people who cannot afford market rate rents are thieves, especially in this economy.

Elk Grove News said...

To one of the points made by Kim Williams regarding the comment posted at 13:52.

Although the comment does not directly attack an individual, it does not heighten the level of the conversation. Several individuals have said they appreciate that anonymous comments can be posted here as they fear retribution for comments that are critical of, or directed at, elected officials and we are willing to accommodate those comments for that reason.

It is our hope that anonymous posters don't denigrate any particular group or class of people though and use that cloak responsibly.

Dan Gougherty

Michael Monasky said...

I agree that the first two comments are derogatory and used the shield of anonymity to make ad hominem attacks; that is, to make irrelevant comments that are derogatory and do not specifically address what actually happened.
We don't know who the perpetrators were, except for the general description given.
Knowing that they're black doesn't help the anonymous commenters' logic or intention.

Furthermore, I'm concerned that retail employees feel compelled to pursue such persons allegedly engaged in criminal acts.
Please leave that to the police.
The retail sales wage level isn't high enough, and the repercussions can be fatal.
Pepper spray is no picnic, and can be deadly if, say, used on someone with asthma, a heart condition, etc.

Although this is not my website, I'm asking that persons who use this blog and news site for commentary to please identify themselves.
I don't understand such cowardice.
I understand how some activists might have concerns about bad reactions from politicos, but this recent commentary seems to have stepped over a line of civility.

Michael Monasky

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