Video - Elk Grove City Council Candidate Steve Ly Fundraiser Speech

September 21, 2014 | On Saturday night, Elk Grove City Council District 4 candidate Steve Ly held a Luau-themed fundraiser at Elk Grove...

September 21, 2014 |

On Saturday night, Elk Grove City Council District 4 candidate Steve Ly held a Luau-themed fundraiser at Elk Grove's Asian Sports Center.

Ly, a current member of the Elk Grove Unified School District Board (EGUSD) of Trustees, is one of four candidates seeking to fill the seat that is currently held by Bob Trigg.

The announced audience of approximately 600 supporters, including California Assembly Member and State Senatorial Candidate Roger Dickinson and EGUSD candidate James Letoa, heard Ly's comments in the video posted below.  

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David said...

Blah, blah, blah!

I've been hearing the same rhetoric from his mentor, our illustrious Mayor Gary Davis for six years.

I believe he's saying Gary has failed miserably as has our planning dept. - What a revelation!

Bashing your biggest supporter though shows you aren't very smart and we needs smart people running our city. You simply lack the smarts to sit on the dais.

Let me rephrase that, we've had some stupid people up there, so that wasn't stated properly.

You're too stupid for informed people to vote for you. - Yeah, that's better.

disappointed school mom said...

Ly needs to fulfill his commitment to the EGUSD B of D before he jumps ship for greener pastures. I voted for you and I'm deeply disappointed that you are abandoning our kids.

Get a tack record, let the people see who you are and how you represent yourself and the Board before you climb the political ladder.

You look like a deserter and a malcontent leaving the school board after such a short tenure.

You won't get this vote, but I do realize your strong backing in the Asian community likely puts you in the driver's seat.

And yes your speech did sound like Gary Davis's State of the City address. Need to find your own cause(s), that one has been beat to death.

Stonelakes mom said...

I'm with mom, deserting the kids and the school board tells me you don't care about them, this is all about YOU.

Too many egos already on the council.

Here's a vote "No" on Ly.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the Moms and to even mention the EGUSD in his speech was pathetic. Especially when he didn't even attempt to explain why he felt the need to desert his elected position. I look at that as an incompetent, weak and misguided person. Someone we certainly don't need to add to the City Council...

Also, what's with the flip-flop dress attitude when appearing before the public for a Fundraiser? It's not for the bat boy least try to look professional.

Anonymous said...

Steve Ly has no credibility with this voter.

Ly touted our wonderful schools in his speech. So he is jumping ship mid term, but is using our schools as his platform? Has anyone checked into his attendance record at school board meetings?

It appears Ly didn't get the limelight he craves and when Gary Davis needed a clone on the city council because he isn't getting his way, he didn't have to look far. Ly bought what Davis was selling hook, line and sinker; even using the same campaign consultant.

We don't need Davis clones on the Elk Grove City Council who do nothing but fawn over the mayor. We need intelligent, independent thinkers who understand the issues.

We can all stand up there and say for over seven minutes: "Jobs, jobs, jobs." DUH!

Silent Dogood said...

Question to all of you that are blasting Ly for not fulfilling his full term, why are you not blasting Chaires for not finishing her term on the planning commission? I know one is elected and the other is appointed, but both agreed to serve a full term on their respective Boards when they accepted the positions.

I am not supporting any candidate in this race but that is was a good question to raise.

Does Nancy get a pass because the planning commission is an appointment instead of an elected position. She still agreed to serve her full term, or is her term expiring?

Mainstreet GOP Dude said...

Silent, I agree with you to a point. Perhaps Chaires should have resigned before the election like Hume did when he was on the planning commission. If she loses will she stay on or resign?

Having said that, Chaires has served for 7 years so she has come up through the ranks. Ly looks likes nothing more than an opportunist like his mentor.

Why not consider the other two candidates. It would be nice if they got a little coverage here.

By the way, nice leg ink Steve!

Connie said...

Elk Grove Planning Commissioners do not have terms. Since Election 2012, all appointed commissions now serve at the pleasure of the mayor.

However, it takes three votes to appoint, and likewise, three votes to remove. Nancy Chaires has served seven years on the planning commission, making her one of the longest-tenured commissioners.

And a correction is needed. Pat Hume did not resign on his own. Sophia Scherman asked him to resign from the planning commission. In the same vain, George Murphey, who was Gary Davis' appointee to the planning commission, did not resign when he ran for city council in 2012; nor was he asked to.

Connie said...

Correction to the above. George Murphey ran for council in 2010.

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