Fong Targets Elk Grove Developer Dollars in Assembly Race Mailer

October 6, 2014 | With four weeks and a day until the general election, California Assembly candidate and Sacramento City Council Me...

October 6, 2014 |

With four weeks and a day until the general election, California Assembly candidate and Sacramento City Council Member Darrell Fong has re-started his mailer campaign.

Fong, who is facing fellow Democrat Elk Grove Vice Mayor Jim Cooper for the Ninth Assembly District seat, dropped a mailer today in Elk Grove. The focus of this mailer, Fong's first since the primary, focuses on contributions received by Cooper.

The copy says "Campaign Finance records on file show Jim Cooper taking $877,470 from development interests - all had projects Cooper voted to support."

Fong's main message is "Independence that money can't buy."

In a nod to one of Cooper's possible campaign strategies, Fong acknowledges voting for an earlier version of the downtown Sacramento arena saying he supports jobs. The mailer then notes Fong voted against the final project noting the public subsidy skyrocketed and Sacramento taxpayers would be paying $700 million over the next 30 years.

Could Cooper be ready to call Fong a flip-flopper and this mailer is a preemptive move? 

Fong could also be using this pre-rebuttal as a reminder about Elk Grove's proposed taxpayer-funded soccer stadium. There has been scant support voiced in Elk Grove for the proposed $100-million stadium. 

This mailer was paid for by Fong's campaign. Aside from this mailer, Fong currently has few signs posted in Elk Grove unlike Cooper who has been placing them for several weeks now. 

This is the first of many mailers that will be lining the mailboxes of Elk Grove voters.  


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Anonymous said...

I'll take neither.

Silent Dogood said...

As a Republican I wish I had a candidate of my own party to vote for. As an Elk Grove resident I have been waiting for one of our own to win this seat, instead of being represented by Bay Area or out of town politicians.

With that said I am supporting Fong. Cooper is a corrupt and morally bankrupt politician that is in it for enriching himself.

While there are many issues that I disagree with Fong on, he is ethical and has morals, neither of which can be said about Cooper.

Anonymous said...

None of the

Mad Hatter said...

It is unfortunate there is no third party candidates allowed on the ballot. This is one race where I would have happily thrown my vote away.

Anonymous said...

When will the $100 million soccer stadium die?

The Sacramento Railyards is a much better location for MLS soccer.

It's time to put a fork in it because it is well overdone.

Or should we reopen our discussions with the Kingdom of Zamunda regarding a sister city relationship?

Anonymous said...

I do support Fong. He is a good candidate, and I respect him for his opposition to the arena.
I don't call it flip-flopping when an elected politician changes his position due to new information.

I oppose Cooper, strongly.
Too bad that those who support Fong in Elk Grove must put up with Cooper for another two years. He should have at least resigned his council seat to run for Assembly. I find that reprehensible.

ANY candidate in the future who does not resign when running for higher/different office (a la David & Cooper) will NEVER get my vote.

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