Video: Our View - Are Davis, Ly's Elk Grove Job Promises Realistic?

November 22, 2014 | The main pillar of Elk Grove City Council Member-elect Steve Ly's successful campaign for the city's Distri...

November 22, 2014 |

The main pillar of Elk Grove City Council Member-elect Steve Ly's successful campaign for the city's District 4 seat was to correct the city's well-documented jobs-to-houses imbalance.

Ly and his mentor, Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis, have committed to solving this problem by attracting high paying jobs to the city.  How realistic is this?

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Mutt and Jeff said...

These two are quite a pair. . .which one is the punch line?

Anonymous said...

Bringing jobs to Elk Grove is a non-starter for me. I work in downtown Sac and previously worked in Rancho Cordova. Elk Grove is only 12-15 miles from employment centers in Sacramento and about the same to Rancho Cordova. Make Elk Grove the best place to live. That means have the best parks, schools, roads, trails, and cultural amenities. Push back against the greenfield developers and demand higher end homes (so those with higher incomes don't flee to South Placer Co/Folsom/El Dorado Hills) and slower smart growth. Quit allowing rezones to residential so jobs have a place to go.

Do these things and jobs will follow.

Conway and Korman said...

Unfortunately M & J, the City of Elk Grove is the punch line. These two are a joke.

Warren Buffet said...

There is one bright hope. Apple could be gearing up for an expansion at their EG facility. About a year ago I recall reading that they were working with SMUD to upgrade their power grid, and a couple weeks ago they got city approval to eliminate a drainage easement (which typically allows for building expansion). Watch all the people in govt. trying to take credit for what would be a private sector business decision!

Anonymous said...

It takes more than two council members hand-clasping each other to bring better paying jobs to Elk Grove. I have heard nothing come from Mr. Lys mouth except some of Mayor Davis' canned comments that to date have not been very fruitful. I agree with Anon. 14:00, rezones to residential won't ever get those higher income jobs to EG. Exactly where would they locate?

Anonymous said...

Warren my man, you nailed it again. Government doesn't create these jobs, businesses do; large and small. And of course the city council will try to take credit for it. Seriously? What did each of you do as councilmen to "make" Apple expand and create more jobs (if that proves to be true)?

Anonymous said...

This is how I look at some of Elk Groves "Risky Economics" ideas.
1. OLYMPIC Aquatics Center...we build it, they might not come. Give the kids an Aquatics Center, leave the Olympics out of it...too risky!

2. Veterans Hall & Senior Center....while great you're working backwards. Build the Civic Center first as that would get the eye of the business world. Local veterans & seniors won't draw businesses.

3. Animal Shelter...while great for the community, not a draw for bringing businesses to the community.

Just naming a few of our ongoing studies for the last few years and while all sound good, none get the word out of what we really have going for EG. For example...promote our easy access to the interstate, North and South, International Airport, Dignity Hospital, Medical School, Apple, etc. Work closer with the Real Estate world to get them onboard to selling our community as a place for their business to locate. Just the opinion of a little old lady from Pasadena......

Anonymous said...

It was clear from the forums that Ly knows absolutely nothing about being a council member except for what Davis tells him. Even a trained monkey can learn to say jobs, jobs. jobs.

Our only hope is that Hume maintains control of the council after the new appointment is selected. Ly, like Davis, is not powerful speaker; and worse, Ly has proven he doesn’t have with a firm grasp of the city’s issues. Hume excels on both fronts. Hume will also outplay both on a bad day and Davis has proven he doesn't even see it coming.

Case in point: Cooper, Detrick, Hume, and even Trigg, out maneuvered Davis to select Cooper’s replacement. Message to Davis in my opinion: “We so don’t care your guy’s election to the council, we are going to factor him out of the appointment process. You may need him, but we don’t!” Davis was left to stammer away. Some leadership abilities, huh?

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

I suspect Mr. Davis and Mr. Ly will have their strings pulled by the developers. Puppets on a string, both of them. Even though it is unlikely either will be able, much less actually really intend to bring any meaningful jobs to Elk Grove, they are unlikely to pay the price politically. Indeed, with a recovering housing market, the Ride Of The Valkyries will be blasting from the speakers of developers Lexus' and Mercedes' as they drive to city hall to submit the plans for rezones and more unimaginative tract homes in the SEPA and the forthcoming SOI.

Once they are in, the developers will feed them the money to keep thoughtful, qualified candidates like Ms. Wheat, Mr. Owen and a host of others, from challenging their well-funded puppets.

Having said that, it will be interesting to see what happens with Mr. Detrick and his forthcoming fundraiser. Will the developers feed him more money even though there are questions abound on his expenditures? If the developers show up in force for Mr. Detrick, he will probably not face any opposition should he seek reelection in 2016. If not, perhaps a one-time opening for a thoughtful candidate.

The horror, the horror...

lynn said...

Elk Grove is a developer's delight..brought to them by 5 city council nay not have liked a project...but what the heck vote yes anyways...

Miss Cherry said...

I am planning a run against Detrick in 2016. The track-home, strip mall, urban sprawl has got to stop! This working class woman is tired of seeing Detrick's smug self-entitled face at Starbucks all the time feeling important. City leaders should work for the people, not whoever can pay them out the most! The political climate in Elk Grove has disgusted me for quite some time...we need change and I am ready to bring it! It's on Steve!!

Disolutioned citizen said...

Fantastic! Ok, Miss Cherry, who are you, what are you, what are your visions for our city and how do we get there?

I want to support someone with vision who is not accountable to the developer dollar. Are you that person?

Do you regularly attend the council meetings so that you know what's going on?

Tell me, I'm can't wait to throw my support behind you.

Anonymous said...

Ditto here too. We worked hard a few years ago to get Mr. Detrick elected and needless to say have become very disappointed in how quickly he has sold the people out in favor of the developers. Deals made behind closed doors and "maybe" even taking part in violations of the Brown Act from what I'm hearing. Time to start cleaning up city hall!

I always get a chuckle out of our city councils thought process...thinking they get away with these secret agreements between themselves. It's a small community and there are no secrets here, someones always looking over your shoulder or setting at the next table over with their hearing aid turned up.

Lynn said...

Miss Cherry, I was told, and do know it takes a lot of money to run a campaign. Who will fund your campaign? How will you do it. Maybe we need to clean house and get individuals to run and campaign together; join forces..."citizen forces"....maybe we can get the big developer money out of the game...maybe....maybe.....of course many people will have to be very unhappy with the direction of the city to reach out to not well funded, big signs, pot holders, and consider voting for simply a vision with a plan....Of course that in itself would take guts because not everyone may support the vision and plan. It is much easier to make statements on safety, jobs....with no substance; everyone likes to hear that and who would disagree with such statements.
It takes a lot of money to win, I know I was told over and over again and of course proved it is true!

ENLIGHTENED citizen said...

But you run girl . Don't let LYNN'S comments dissuade you. We need a candidate that .listens to the PEOPLE. You can beat Detrick. Let us know who you are. We can help you.

Anonymous said...

@ 16:17 -

I do believe you are trying to dissuade Miss Cherry from running. Could it be that you would stand to lose were she to win?

Let's get behind a fresh face with a fresh point of view and show that 'big money' doesn't always win.

People are fed up with 'big money', because it is clear that it is corrupt.

People are uber fed up with our council members.

2016 is a perfect time to run a new kind of candidate, and Detrick is the incumbent to oppose!!! Detrick's unfavorable ratings is high, favorable ratings in the tank.

Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Anon. 16:43 Different Districts and I believe Lynn is just stating the facts. "join forces..."citizen forces"......great idea! Of course, we still do not know who Ms. Cherry is. At least I don't. Guess time will tell.

Anonymous said...

All talk and no action. Let's see who in here actually have the stomach to run. Seems like everyone in here rather hide their fat self behind a computer and gossip.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much agree Anon 6:49. That's 2 years away and it wouldn't be an easy road either. The people who really care could spend a little time attending city council meetings and speak up or in the very least support the speakers. It will take a lot of money and a hugh support system behind you to unseat any of the present council. If comments on here are any indication of that support system, you might as well spend the money on a nice vacation.

Tip said...

All five of the original council members are gone. And except for Cooper, all were once challengers who defeated incumbents who felt they also could also never be replaced. Oh the arrogance!

Miss Cherry, please do not be discouraged by pessimistic comments here. They might be coming from the very camp you are trying to unseat!

Anonymous said...

There you go again, talking to yourself!

Eastside Betty said...

To Tip:

Let's do some history here.

Soares- replaced by Hume, a developer's dream, with developer backing and his political party's backing. Family has much money and are well known throughout the city, remember mom's $10,000 gift of oven pads with Pat's name on them?

Briggs- replaced by Davis. Briggs got too big for his britches and lost support of his party, the unions and developers. Davis had big political financial backing of his party. He was seen then as an up-and-comer in the party. Not so much anymore.

Leary- replaced by Detrick. Detrick used $100,000+ of his own money to fun a campaign with support of the public over the boorish and rude Leary. Leary also refused to campaign and lost much party financial support he previously held. Now Detick is rude and boorish. Must be that seat.

Davis- lost his district seat when he ran for mayor. Filled in by Trigg, who neither wanted the job, nor took it seriously. A puppet at best who never had to raise any $$ to take his seat.

Trigg- to be replaced by Davis's new puppet boy (bringing jobs to EG) Steve Ly. Used tens of thousands of outside CA Hmong donations to fund his campaign.

Which brings us to Cooper- his position to be filled by hand-picked Darren Suen. No $$ needed, no campaign to run. - Just vote along with those who appointed you and smile (see Trigg).

- So, yes, you generally need a lot of money. But you also need the public's support. They can get the word out.

Detrick with all his ethical and legal problems related to city business and donations seems ripe for defeat. Expose him like Detrick did with Leary and you might just have a winner.

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