Baseball Tickets, Consulting Fees, Dinners, Jerseys, Lunches - It's all There For Elk Grove Office Holders, Officials

January 30, 2015 | An examination of the Statement of Economic Interest for office holders and executives management of the City of El...

January 30, 2015 |

An examination of the Statement of Economic Interest for office holders and executives management of the City of Elk Grove reveals a wide assortment of gifts received.

Among some of the information the disclosures revealed are the following:

Elk Grove Assistant City Manager Rebecca Craig
  • Received two baseball tickets on October 14, 2014 valued at $250 from Pacific Municipal Consultants (PMC). One of Elk Grove's  largest contractors, PMC provides planning department employees for the city. On Tuesday, October 14, the San Francisco Giants defeated the St. Louis Cardinal at AT&T Park in game 3 of the NLCS.  
Elk Grove City Council Member Steve Ly

Received the following:
  • Between $1,001 and $10,000 in non-specified consulting fees from the non profit 501c (3) Hmong International Culture Institute, 5506 Tam O'Shanter Dr, Stockton, Calif. 95210 
  • A dinner and jersey from the National Electrical Contractor Association valued at $65 on August 12
  • From Carpenters of Northern California the following; meal valued at $27 on March 18; dinner valued at $25 on April 29; a charity dinner valued at $300 on June 26; lunch on June 30 valued at $10; meal on July 14 valued at $15; lunch on October 21 value at $10.
  • From former Sacramento City Unified School District Trustee and current Sacramento County Supervisor Patrick Kennedy a charity dinner on March 14valued at $200.
  • A $180 hotel stay valued at $180 from Thomas Lee, healthcare business owner from Garden Grove, Calif. 
  • Region Builders gave Ly a lunch valued at $40 on March 12; dinner and a jersey valued at $65 on August 12; dinner tickets valued at $190 on September 5; dinner on October 17 valued at $25.

More to come.

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Quid Pro Quo said...

I think it is very unethical for Elk Grove city staff to accept gifts from contractors who do business with the city, reportable or not. Their salaries are paid by the taxpayers and they must not cross any ethical lines.

Becky Craig is Asst. City Manager with a lot of decision-making responsibilities. What special favors will PMC want in return for such an expensive gift?

The City of Elk Grove's Code of Ethics, which also covers city employees states, "I avoid actions that might cause the public to question my independent judgment."

So with that, Ms. Craig, this action has caused me to question your independent judgment!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too consider that very improper and would certainly cause me to question her judgement. Just wish she hadn't accepted this gift.

Juan Marichal said...

It must be time for PMC to renew their contract. $250 doesn't buy much in the way of a ticket for a playoff game, and assuming she didn't go to the game alone, I wonder if a family member also receiving a free $250 ticket needs to be reported as well?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps these gifts means that it's time for Ms. Craig to move on. Does she even live in Elk Grove? What a disappointment. At minimum, she needs to repay the gift and perhaps find another job.

Anonymous said...

You'd think if your base pay was $183,879 per year you could afford to buy your own playoff tickets. Also, these managers should be passing along these perks to the low level administrative assistants or janitors that keep things moving at the city w/o making nearly $200k per year.

free and clear said...


Eastside Betty said...

Receiving these gifts isn't right. It gives the look and smell of a future favor...even a winkie-wink bribe for help with a project that may be questionable.

These city leaders need to be above reproach. They need to thank but refuse any such gifts otherwise they become indebted to these parties.

Anonymous said...

Is this the Gill/Craig cozy culture at City Hall? Here is a simple solution: Ban all gifts. The dynamic duo is an embarrassment.

Shiela said...

I'm relatively new to Elk Grove and new to this site. I've ben to both Laguna Forums and EGOnline and find this site to be the most politically active whole not ridiculing the participants ( wow, the mudslinging on Laguna Forums is nasty).

I've never really been politically active, but like to stay informed. I find this site, while it does take accusatory tones with our electeds, is the best we have.

I had heard that our local government was less than ethical and caters to special groups. From what I can see, they all need to be recalled or certainly voted out of office at the next opportunity. I realize that money carries the day, so we need to wake up the citizens.

Thanks for all the info this site provides. Keep up the good work.

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