Fingers Severed in Elk Grove Machete Attack, Five Suspects Arrested

 Cassy Carissa Yadon. May 28, 2015 | Elk Grove Police have arrested five suspects in connection to last night's gruesome mach...

 Cassy Carissa Yadon.
May 28, 2015 |
Elk Grove Police have arrested five suspects in connection to last night's gruesome machete attack that left one victim with partially severed fingers.
According to Elk Grove Police, shortly before 7 p.m. officer responded to the 5400 block of Coral Creek Way where they found one victim of the fight that had sustained knives/machete wounds. During the attacks, another person in the residence came to aid the first victim and was subsequently attacked. 
After the suspects fled on foot, police established a perimeter and with the help of a Sacramento County Sheriff's Department helicopter, were able to locate the suspects at a nearby residence on Blue Sapphire Court.
At the residence, officers found evidence including weapons associated with the attack. Police arrested four adults and one juvenile.
The suspects include Luis Alfredo Martin, Jr., 19, Cassy Carissa Yadon, 20, James Bishop, 19, and Jesse Bishop, 20, all of who were booked into the county jail. A fifth suspect, a 16-year old male, is being held at juvenile hall. 
One of the victims is reported to be in critical condition and the other in serious condition at an area hospital. No motive for the attacks was reported.  
Luis Alfredo Martin, Jr.

James Bishop

Jesse Bishop

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Anonymous said...

Good reasons for birth control.

Anonymous said...

Oxygen thieves

Anonymous said...

Good heavens, what is gong on with our young ones?

Anonymous said...

You don't know anything about who they are so don't assume you know the whole story or even a part of it. Judging them for something you know nothing about is wrong so please refrain from making dirty comments about them.

Anonymous said...

The only good tweaky is a jailed tweaky.

Anonymous said...

GREAT reasons for birth control

Anonymous said...

meth head tweakies
welcome to south south Sac

Jennifer said...

All of you are so quick to judge. Youv have no clue what actually happened or why the fight broke out. Did anyone consider maybe the "victims" actually caused the issue. Making a snap judgement just shows your ignorance. While i do not believe violence solves anything there are always 3 sides to every story and the news is not one.

Anonymous said...

Having a machete and using it is not settling an issue. There is only one side to consider when these a hole delinquents caused 2 people to be in critical condition. Dughhh

Anonymous said...

All you ignorant a holes don't know the half if it. Before you go on to judge them, call them meth heads, or a waste of oxygen, be sure you know the whole story. Not just what the news is saying. These are good people, they did what they had to do, they were defending themselves. Why not bag on the 33 year old who attacked the 18 year old with a metal pipe. The news is doing nothing but slandering the story.

Anonymous said...

I came home to see 5 people around my brother then scene james Bishop stab my brother Lewis Martin had the metal pipe not me Jesse bishop had a machete after seeing my brother stabbed I ran and grabbed the only thing I could find to help my brother which was a dipstick so I busted that piece of s*** in the head after stabbing my brother then was hit with the machete from Jessie bishop and a metal pipe by Luis Martin at the same time while I'm holding my fingers on after being hit with the machete james Bishop then came instead me in the long all this in front of my house in front of my mom so I hope them piece of s**** rot in prison all over $10

Anonymous said...

Five on one, and they had a knife machete and a pipe and was in front of the victim's house what's so hard to explain? They need to be in prison they will fit right in! Good thing the man's brother came to help the other man or he would of lost his life!

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