Elk Grove Soccer Fields, Stadium EIR Scoping Notice of Preparation

Elk Grove Soccer Fields and Stadium
November 17, 2015 |

Pursuant to a comment and request posted yesterday, as a service to Elk Grove News readers a copy of the handout distributed at last Thursday night's EIR Scoping Meeting is posted below. The Notice of Preparation document is part of the City of Elk Grove's sphere of influence application with the Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission for the proposed soccer field and stadium on Grant Line Road.

For formatting purposed, each page is posted as a small version here. To see a larger image, simply click on the image. 

If readers would like a PDF version of this document, simply email editor @ ElkGroveNews . net with Scoping Meeting PDF in the subject line.  Also an audio recording of the meeting is available upon request.  


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Bob L said...

Thanks Dan.I would have attended the meeting had I been aware of it. I get automatic posts from the city everytime they post a press release. Guess this one wasn't posted as an oversight, honest mistake I'm sure.

I really think you hit the nail on the head. this council is all about rooftops, not bringing business in as is their campaign mantras every couple of years. History speaks volumes. Campaign promises are hollow.

The EIR will be analyzed as the city submits as commercial and industrial (fewer impacts), not as the actual city plans for rooftops (more impactful) once LAFCO approves the plan and the EIR is passed. It's a bait and switch, wait and see.

Winners: Developers and councilmembers
Losers: tax payers, soccer kids, freeway commuters.

June LaVine said...

That's a lot of paper (trees), personnel, meetings, probably lunches to get approval for what you say (and it sure looks like it) will be a bait and switch!

If LAFCO is aware that this is a common procedure, why bother?

I would think that both the City of Elk Grove and the County would have much more important matters on their table.

For heaven's sake people, all I have been begging for is an animal shelter and I feel like I've fallen into the political quicksand!

Go to Roseville for your soccer (it will be built before you outgrow your uniforms) and take your swimsuits one mile out of the city.

Do the right thing and put an animal shelter, veterans hall and senior center on your soon to be newly acquired SOI.

Anonymous said...


Bring on the rooftops.

Bring on the crime.

Why do they want allow for the construction of more homes?

This city is full of residents most of whom can't find decent paying jobs in Elk Grove.

The council says that the business developers asked for rooftops.

Well there are already enough rooftops to house 160,000 people in Elk Grove.

What is with this penchant for building?

The reason that the Laguna area is going to pot is that the homeowners in that area move to the new subdivisions as opposed to staying and taking care of their homes.

Look at Antelope. That area went to the dogs when Rocklin, Lincoln and West Roseville were being developed.

Give people a chance to flee the gangbangers, car burglars, house burglars and they will.

Just like Los Angeles. They kept building and the older established areas became ghettos and barrios.

If we don't watch out and the developers keep slapping up stucco boxes on postage stamp lots, Elk Grove could become a sprawling suburban arm pit like Palmdale; dumpy neighborhoods with Section 8 on the east and high end neighborhoods on the west seperated by the railroad tracks along Franklin (just like Interstate 14 cuts west Palmdale off from the rest of the city.


Anonymous said...

To Ms. LeVine:

As I understand it the proposed animal shelter is a money pit. It will operate at a deficit. (Manufacturing costs, food, maintenence, water, spay and neuter costs, daily and general vet costs and medications, just to name a few off the top of my head).
This is not what this city needs right now. I love animals and I find dogs are better than most people I run across generally, but creating a new drain on an already overburdened city budget is not what need right now. Perhaps after all these ne rooftops are in place and the Mello Roos and bonds, and additional taxes are in place and collected, we may have a bit of money for our four legged friends.
To build and begin operations now would certainly be a huge mistake to this community financially.
- Take care of your animals.

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon 8:46. It's sad that our council keeps giving the Animal Shelter people and the kids their Aquatics & Soccer hopes and dreams but never seem to deliver on anything. I will never understand why they can't focus on something and finish that one project. It will not surprise me if within the next month they come up with another new project. You would think that maybe just ONE of our electeds would speak up and stop this merry-go-round and foolish spending of our tax dollars. We have two newer council members...can they maybe think outside the box for a change? We have a council guilty of “Selling” of Half Truths".

Lynn said...

New project: discussed last night at city council meeting; Agendized the discussion of electronic sign boards along our freeways. As discussed by two of the council members; the mall could use one, and the signs boards could inform residents what is going on in our city; meetings etc....

We residents fought long and hard to not litter our freeways with signs! So much for resident vision of wanting to not be another ordinary valley town. But then again....signs all about the money! Our city needs to bring in more so we can have leaders that bring forth "plan of the month"

Anonymous said...

Yes, I heard that last night. We are known as a CITY OF NO JOBS, and now the CITY OF SIGNS. Directional signs within the city, art on utility boxes, blank billboards and now electronic sign boards along our freeways! I do believe our leaders get crazier every day. It seems it's impossible for them to ever focus on one project and finish it...they just jump all over the board with no concept or care of how costly that is to the city. Don't they know that the tourists and visitors traveling down the freeway could care less about what is going on in Elk Grove? The mall could use one? LMAO...what Mall?

Read my lips! said...

Well June,

Some of us have been asking for a soccer complex for in excess of 10 years. Perhaps if the council had listened and pursued the option 10 years ago there would be money for your animal shelter.

As stated, the shelter will be an endless money pit. It won't pay for itself and will do nothing but drain the remainder of the dwindling tax dollars.

No to the animal shelter. No to the soccer complex. No to the Senior Center. No to the Veterans Hall. No to the Aquatic center. And no to any other harebrained scheme Davis and gang come up with.

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