Watch out Elk Grove, The Three Amigos Silly Season Tour is About to Start

January 11, 2016 |

By an Elk Grove Taxpayer and Registered Voter |

Anyone who has a pulse and can read or listen to the news surely knows this is election season, otherwise known as "Silly Season." Silly Season can make a grown politician say things or do things that leaves us mere mortals scratching our heads, thinking "did they really say that?" 

Well, here in Elk Grove, we begin our own Silly Season too. Steve Detrick, Gary Davis, and Darren Suen are all about to embark on their quest to be reelected/elected to the City Council this November and I look forward to some pretty juicy quotes, claims, credits, and promises to come our way. Just as rock stars name their torus, I will call this one the Three Amigos Silly Season Tour

Other than our city mascot Grover, some will probably consider these three incumbents to be like our very own hall of fame rock stars who can spellbind us with their catchy slogans, charisma, and tantalizing words of wisdom. But before I get all misty-eyed and caught up in the crowd surge, let me gaze into my crystal elk and predict what we will hear from each of our superheroes. 

I am sure that the hired guns who will be advising our rock stars will tell them to throw in a little something for everyone. For the soccer parents, how about a soccer stadium? For the swimmers, how about an aquatic facility with Olympic-sized pools? For the vets, how about a veterans hall? For the shoppers, how about an outlet mall with theater? For everyone else, how about stronger neighborhoods? How about more jobs? I mean, cover all your bases and how can you lose!

Now our very own rock stars have also thrown in a few zingers to keep any potential gate-crashers off of their stage. Previous requests by a few local activists to have voluntary campaign spending limits adopted by the City Council was so flatly rejected, it was like watching a cement frisbee sail through the air! Then there was the recent rejection of elections by district. Nope, to take a place on their stage, you must garner a majority of the votes throughout the entire city. 

Now let me talk about the juicy hard to resist items that will likely be dangled in front of our noses like a carrot hanging in front of Francis the talking mule. Well, speaking of animals, there is the animal shelter folks who want a city animal shelter built. Then for the seniors, how bad do you want that new senior center? For the commuters, how would you like to keep using your green shuttle bus service to downtown? For the local drivers, are you tired of seeing weeds growing up between the cracks of the pavement? For the tree-huggers, do you want more trails? Well to all of you, they will tell you to please vote for their half a percent sales tax increase!

Yep, Silly Season is just getting started but I can hardly wait to see the billboards on every corner with smiling faces and catchy slogans; the countless flyers littering my porch or even better, in my private mailbox; and those evening robocalls just as I put my dinner fork to my mouth; and if the politician gods are looking down on me favorably, maybe I can even get a free prize like a potted plant, potholder, a coffee coupon, or who knows what? The suspense is killing me!

Yep, we will all have front row seats as the Three Amigos take the stage and remove their fiddles from their cases and begin to play for us! 

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard of some better options? Please don't tell me we don't have anyone to call up from the farm team. Any rumors?

Suen is ok but Detrick and Davis need to go...

Anonymous said...

Yea, I've been hearing some rumors. Just hoping they're true as we're in need of some new faces on the dias. This just might be the taxpayers year.

Suen is ok if Davis is gone. Keep remembering his comment early on thinking he should support the Mayor in all his endeavors. I have a hugh problem with that thinking. Maybe he has changed his tune....time will tell.

FPPC's Man said...


Anonymous said...

Well, dang! It's time for the citizens to recruit!

Throw out some names, here, People!

Davis will have been in for TEN years and Detrick will have been in for EIGHT. That's long enough.

Davis promised a laser-focus on "jobs, jobs, jobs" and MLS soccer... Haven't seen 'em.

Detrick has led relatively well but his FPPC troubles indicate he's not all he's cracked up to be.

Time to make a change... Ten years is long enough!

Anonymous said...

Mike M. has stated he was going to run for mayor. Not sure if that was serious or not. I generally like Mike but he has little chance to win.

As for Detrick and Davis they have been here for awhile and is EG better off because of their leadership? Hume doesn't get a pass either. He's been on the Planning Commission then the Council since incorporation in 2000. Where are the slow growth limited SOI candidates?

Anonymous said...

Hume isn't up for election this year. He may not get a pass but he's not in the target for '16.

It's been a short year for Suen and he hasn't done poorly. The only downside is he hasn't separated himself from Davis.

Davis hasn't delivered and ten years is long enough. It's time to shake it up, Elk Grove!

Connie said...

To the Author: Skillfully and intelligently written! The humor and sarcasm delivered right on point!

Mad Hatter said...

Councilmember Detrick has worn out his welcome. Let's not mince words here; he lied to the FPPC, the People of Elk Grove and to himself. He has never apologized for his lying and quite certain he never will. Time to send Detrick's political career to the glue factory.

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