Elk Grove City Council Strong Arm Fundraisers, Contributors Honored at Award Ceremony

February 19, 2016 | Last night the First Annual Elk Grove City Council Strong Arm Fundraisers award ceremony was held in Elk Grov...

February 19, 2016 |

Last night the First Annual Elk Grove City Council Strong Arm Fundraisers award ceremony was held in Elk Grove.

The event, which recognized the Strong Arm fundraising skills of the five Elk Grove Councilmen took place at Elk Grove's Flatland Brewing Company. The highly-spirited group, which included city government employees, noshed on appetizers and enjoyed Flatland's highly-regarded brews in the lead-up to the presentations of awards.

In addition to highlighting the fundraising prowess of the Elk Grove City Councilmen, the gathering also served as a charitable fundraising event. Participants donated a total of $100 in contributions for the Elk Grove Food Bank.   

Among the honors bestowed on the Elk Grove Mayor, Vice Mayor, City Councilmen and their contributors were the following: (see awards below)
  • TOP HONORS Strong Arm Fundraiser of the Year, 2015 - Vice Mayor Steve Ly,
  • Strong Arm Fundraiser, Best Six Month Fundraising Totals, 2015 - Councilman Darren Suen
  • Most Persistent Strong Arm Fundraiser, 2015 - Councilman Steve "The Mentor" Detrick
  • Highest Average Strong Arm Contribution, 2015 - Mayor Gary Davis
  • Gave The Cash Cow a Break Award, 2015 - Councilman Pat Hume
Of course, none of this Strong Arming would be possible without those generous donors hoping to cash in on the favors they so lavishly bestow on our Mayor, Vice Mayor, and Councilmen. To that end, the following two businesses were recognized for their altruistic contributions to the five council members.
  • Contributor of the Year, 2015 Taylor Morrison Home Builders
  • Runner-up Contributor of the Year, 2015 - Willdan Engineering
Although invited, none of the Strong Arm or contributor award recipients attended the ceremony. Apparently the Davis, Ly, "The Mentor" and Suen were more than happy to shake down their patrons for money in private but prefer not to be recognized in public for their exceptional Stong Arm skills.    
Elk Grove City Council member Steve LyMayor Gary Davis

Darren Suen Elk Grove City CouncilSteve Detrick cheated FPPC

City of Elk Grove contractor Willdan EngineeringPat Hume Elk Grove

Taylor Morrison Homes Elk Grove

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Pearl of the Quarter said...

A great event with a few surprising attendees. All enjoyed the libations, appetizers, and good company.
Can't wait until next year's event.

Anonymous said...

"I love Elk Grove"!

Anonymous said...

This city is well on its way to becoming another steaming dumpster fire of suburban sprawl and gridlocked streets.

Anonymous said...

Where does the water come from?

What the developers are asking for is this; approve my plans so I make money and oh, by the way, everybody in Elk Grove has to conserve more water to free up some for me.

It's not just a land grab. It's a water grab too.

This is where the state needs to step in and declare a moratorium. No new development until the drought is over, unless the development supplies its own water through wastewater recycling, desalination or catchment. No relying on overstressed groundwater.

Elk Grove exploded from 25,000 population to the 160,000 sprawl-monster that it is today this.
They will continue to eat up farmland for haphazard helter kelter low density development until they are forced to stop.

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