Elk Grove Police Execute Search Warrant, Arrest Suspect For Pushing Marijuana

Vipine Narr arrest in Elk Grove for marijuana pushing

April 14, 2016 |

A search warrant executed early yesterday morning led to the arrest of a man suspected of pushing marijuana. 

At 5:45 a.m. Elk Grove Police served a search warrant on a residence located on the 9400 block of Canmoor Circle on the city's far west side. During the search, police officers contacted 24-year old Vipine Narr (pictured above).

During the search, officers located processed marijuana and indicia of sales inside the residence. Narr was arrested and booked into the Sacramento County Jail where he faces felony charges of possession of marijuana with intent for sales and is not eligible for bail because of a Penal Code 1275 hold. Arraignment is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

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Pig Free Elk Grove said...

I wonder how much money they wasted during this 4 hour search of a house and they find marijuana? How much money of tax payers was wasted for this? EGPD is so bored it's pathetic they have nothing better to do. Desperate pigs looking for things that don't exist. Go look for other criminals that actually kill people and harm people. Getting paid to do petty searches like this.

Pig Free Elk Grove said...

So how much money did the EGPD waste on this house warrant search? I heard there was more houses that were searched that day at the same time. So you take taxpayers money and hire over hmm maybe 70-80 PIGS to go and search homes and all you find is Marijuana? Seriously? hmm yea EG is bored especially these pigs that we call cops. Who shuts down streets and searches homes for something that probably is not there and never will be for these many hours? Congrats this is what we call America. Uneducated desperate PIGS doing nothing for us. While there are more serious things happening out there but your worried about these things. SO sad. Did you guys have donuts over there at least for breakfast?

Ballerina Devil said...

Exactly ����

Ballerina Devil said...

Exactly! These people have nothing else to do.

Unknown said...

Proactive policing . A bleeding hearts nightmare!!!

Youhavenoidea said...

Pls tell me the last time marijuana lead to violence or homicide then look up alcohol and compare witch do you think should be legal of your research before you want to call ppl names like a child grow up kid


Petty ass EGPD find something more constructive to do with your time.. The bogus war on Cannabis is the biggest waste of tax payers dollars. #FREENARR

Unknown said...

EGPD is bored out there minds to do all this "trying" to simply arrest someone for the intent to sale marijuana. That marijuana helps professors at colleges, nurses and Dr's at the end of their days too btw! People judge way too quick! I bet marijuana has stopped for violence than caused. I know I wanted to whoop a good amount of people before I hit a joint or bong and suddenly I recognize they aren't even worth it like most people who start judging others as soon as they wake up!

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