, No On Measure B Signs Pop-up in Rural Elk Grove

September 27, 2016 |

With the November elections six weeks away, political signs are popping up all over the country for candidates and any number of measures. In Elk Grove, there are several signs being installed for local candidates and some in the City's rural area about a major tax increase measure in Sacramento County, Measure B.

Sponsored by the Sacramento Transportation Authority, Measure B is seeking voter approval for a 30-year, one-half cent sales tax increase. The money generated from the measure, should it pass by the super majority of 66-percent, will be spread to the various jurisdictions in Sacramento County and are slated to be used for a variety of uses from road repair to funding Elk Grove's expansion of Kammerer Road.

The STA, which has a board of directors compromised of Sacramento County elected officials including Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis and Councilman Pat Hume, held extensive intra-board negotiations to construct a plan that would address crumbling roads in Sacramento County that it being sold as "fix it first."

Aside from the "fix it first" approach, enticements were added into the expenditure plan to reach an accord between urban interests of elected officials like Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna and Sacramento City Councilman Steve Hanson versus the suburban interests of members like Davis and Hume. For Serna and Hanson money was earmarked for Sacramento Regional Transit's Light Rail service while Davis and Hume were enticed by promising money for Whitelock Parkway - Highway 99 interchange, and the Kammerer Road project.

While the STA board members cobbled together a compromise, they are facing one other obstacle in getting the funding - voter approval. Because the project has specific uses, it must reach a super majority of 66.6-percent for adoption.

In recent days several signs in rural Elk Grove have been installed in opposition to Measure B. The bright red signs that say "No On Measure B" and include the website

A visit to that site includes a list of individuals in opposition and links to studies criticizing the measure. In particular, it has taken aim at Regional Transit, who, if approved, would receive about $375-million in the tax revenue to fund its various light rail projects.

Undoubtedly proponents of Measure B, and there are many, will significantly outspend Don't Double The Tax promoting its passage. Nevertheless, even if is swamped by pro-B money, with a 66.6-percent super majority needed for passage, they may only need to convince a few thousand people to have killed the measure.   

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