EGN Reopens Public Comment

February 5, 2017 |

Dear Valued Reader, 

After a five month hiatus and input from readers, the comment section on EGN has been reopened. It is our hope it will lead to a substantive discussion on the topics and stories posted on this site.

As such, please note the following:

1. There are no anonymous comments - you must have an account with Google or one of the four other services posted in the Open Id selection.

2. Please no use of vulgarity or ad hominem attacks, particular on non-public individuals. 

3. Comments will be moderated prior to posting.

It is our hope that thoughtful comments can lead to meaningful conversations and provide our readers a means to communicate their thoughts to our elected officials.

On a separate note, we have heard from several readers that page load time is not as quick as desired. We have made some "under-the-hood" changes that should speed up page loading. We still have a few other changes, so with a little time and patience, page loading speed should improve. 

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