'The Resistance' to Hold Rally at Congressman Bera's Office

February 1, 2017 |   In the aftermath of Donald Trump's inauguration as the nations 45th President, an unprecedented groundswel...

February 1, 2017 |  

In the aftermath of Donald Trump's inauguration as the nations 45th President, an unprecedented groundswell of opposition has sprung up in the first two weeks of his administration. It appears that wave of opposition gathering steam in Elk Grove.

Tomorrow, a newly formed Elk Grove-based group calling itself "The Resistance" announced today that is will hold a rally at 5 p.m. tomorrow at the field office for Congressman Dr, Ami Bera, the third term Democrat representing California's 7th Congressional District, which includes all of Elk Grove. The rally, which is expected to draw anywhere from 50 to 100 participants are rallying to voice their displeasure with Trump's recently executive executive order banning travel between the United States and seven countries which are majority Muslim states.

The rally, which has been dubbed "Lets Hold Bera Accountable," wants to find out how Bera plans to help immigrants, refugees and minorities in his district. 

“We want to know what our representative has been doing to protect these minority groups that President Trump is attacking in  unprecedented ways," group founder and Elk Grove resident Jaclyn Moreno said. "What concrete steps will Ami Bera take to stand up for immigrants and refugees?” 

Moreno, who has no prior experience in political activism said the inauguration and recent actions of Trump have prompted her concern and involvement.The group was formed within the last month and already has 450 members all of whom are concerned about the Trump administration.

At tomorrow's rally Moreno said at least be members who have been affected by the order that will speak and as well as other concerns. One of those concerns are on Bera's recent votes on immigration matters.

"Ami Bera has a voting record in the past where he has voted against funding for sanctuary cities," Moreno said. "And where he has made it more difficult for certain groups coming from Iraq and  other countries. We want to let him know that we expect him to protect all vulnerable communities."

In November 2015, Bera voted along with a majority of Republicans on the the American Security Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act, which called fore tougher screening standards for Syrian and Iraqi refugees. 

To his credit, Moreno said Bera co-sponsored a bill this week to overturn Trump's executive order. Moreno said that was a good start, but the group also "encourages him to be a little more vocal, a little bit more progressive as he looks to introduce and co-sponsor bills in the future." 

Bera's office did not return an email request seeking comment on the planned rally. 

Moreno said she was hopeful that Bera's staff in his absence (he is currently in session in Washington D.C) will meet with them for an exchange of dialogue.  

"We are putting his office on notice that these are issue that are really important to us and we are not going away and this is something that is really important to us," Moreno added.

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