Elk Grove's East Franklin Neighborhood Endure Problematic Rental Units

March 2, 2017 | During their February 22 meeting, the Elk Grove City Council heard from one individual about the problems residen...

March 2, 2017 |

During their February 22 meeting, the Elk Grove City Council heard from one individual about the problems residents in the City's East Franklin neighborhood are experiencing as a result of one landlord and two problematic rental units. (see video below).

The two units, which are located on the 6100 block of Demonte Way and the 10000 block of Brian Kelly Way, have been the subject of repeated visits by the City of Elk Grove's code enforcement department an examination of public records show.

Those records, which cover several reports filed between 2010 and 2016 cover an array of violations from overgrown weeds to occupancy violations.

Typical of the violations include Report 16-2718 filed by code enforcement on June 27, 2016, for the property on Demonte Way. This report showed six different violations.

Among them were the failure to register the property as a rental unit; excess rubbish on the property including tires, rugs, boxes, etc.; weeds taller than 12 inches; no electricity for the dwelling; and the presence of an inoperable vehicle on the premises.

Like Demonte Way, the Brian Kelly Property was visited frequently by City code enforcement officers after receiving complaints from neighbors. While some of the complaints about infractions like overgrown weeds were resolved, some of the visits required follow-up by code enforcement officers and in at least one case, being accompanied by Elk Grove Police officers.

On July 8, 2016, two code enforcement and two police officers visited the Brian Kelly Way property as a follow-up to a disturbance call handled by the Elk Grove Police Department. After visiting the property, and being allowed inside the dwelling to inspect, the code enforcement officer generated report 16-3048.

The violations noted were that property was being rented out as room/board in violation of city code which limits room rentals to two-per unit in residential dwelling, air conditioning was not working; rubbish accumulation; rodents and insects; and as with the Demonte Way unit, failure by the property owner to register the dwelling as rental unit with the City.

During a follow-up visit, code enforcement noted trash and green waste were accumulating in the backyard. It was discovered that the property owner did not have trash collection services for the dwelling.

Although the code enforcement report noted several of the people inside the residence stated they were renting rooms, the property owner asserted they were family members. By September 1 trash collection service had been reinstatement to the residence.

Also noted in portions of report 16-2718, on June 22, 2016 difficulties in dealing with the property owner were documented. During one inspection by code enforcement, it noted that weeds in the backyard of Demonte Way were two to three feet in height.

The reporting code enforcement officer noted he had made the observation after a neighbor invited him to observe it from a second-floor bedroom, which the report said was legal based on case law. The report says the landlord "then launched into a long interpretation 'to educate you, my friend' about what he believed the law that governed Code Enforcement officers."

The report goes on to say after a lengthy and contentious discussion where the code enforcement officer explained the ability to observe the weeds, and after warning the landlord he would terminate the call, the landlord "continued his rant against code enforcement in general. I terminated the call."

One of the more current reports for Demonte Way, 16-4069, which started on November 3, 2016 and originating by Elk Grove Police goes into detail about numerous issues about the property. The narrative for the report included notations that the house had 15 occupants, eight dogs, no rental registration, non-collection of trash and green waste, and unregistered vehicles.

Aside from that, the reported said that the Elk Grove Police had received 36 calls for service in the last 12 months. It was also noted an Elk Grove Police POP officer would contact Child Protective Services regarding the welfare of children living in the dwelling. 

Part II - findings from the Report 16-4069. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

How do you say, South Sac, North Highlands, and Rio Linda all wrapped into one? Elk Grove in about 5 years.

Unknown said...

Sorry Blutarsky but you are wrong. If there were many of these units in Elk Grove, I would agree. However, there are not and the fact that they are being highlighted shows they are few and far between. We just need to make sure the City continues to enforce our laws with respect to these dwellings and essentially coerces the owner into changing his ways (or hopefully selling).

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