Proposal to Loosen Elk Grove's Residential RV Storage Standards Effectively Killed

March 22, 2017 |  

Although the Elk Grove City Council will still consider it on their April 12 agenda, the proposal to loosen residential recreation vehicle storage standards effectively died at tonight's regular meeting.
Vice Mayor Steve Detrick noted that close to 100 emails
were received by the City Council opposing loosening
residential RV storage standards. 

At their meeting on March 8, the Elk Grove City Council by a 4-1 vote with Vice Mayor Steve Detrick dissenting directed city staff to bring forth recommendations to modify the current ordinance that could have allowed storage of various RV's on driveways. The possibility of changing the standards came after an Elk Grove resident expressed dismay at the council meeting that she learned after purchasing an RV that she could not store it on her driveway. 

Following that meeting, an email campaign was circulated in the City urging residents to contact the City Council telling them that they opposed the possible loosening of the standards. During tonight's meeting Vice Mayor Steve Detrick reported that he and his colleagues received close to 100 emails regarding the matter with the vast majority opposing changing the standards.

"Even though we have moved this forward with the process, I would like to see if we could bring this back as a future agenda item and reconsider how we are going to handle recreational vehicles, hopefully, to keep it as is," Detrick said.

Council Member Pat Hume asked City Attorney Jonathan Hobbs given the overwhelming response they heard in opposition if it was possible to drop the matter. Hobbs said it would have to appear on the agenda at which time new direction can be given. 

Hume and Mayor Steve Ly seemingly indicated they would support bringing it back as an agenda item with the idea of not changing the current ordinance. 

"I would say the Vice Mayor's weather vane was most accurate," Hume noted.       

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I find this mass hysteria about trailers to be laughable. Decisions being made by the City Council every two weeks will do more to cheapen your neighborhoods than the oft-chance that 'Joe Neighbor' decides to purchase a trailer and park it on his driveway.

Let's take a breath and do a reality check for a moment.

You have a city with pro-growth policies that will soon open up another 8,000 acres of raw land for more homes; you have a city with bottom-tier architectural standards that make Elk Grove the bottom-feeder of the Sacramento region housing market; as bottom feeder, you have a city with relatively low housing prices which encourages investors to buy homes for rental purposes; you have a city in a region with a waiting list for Section 8 subsidized housing that can be created anywhere anytime; and you have a city which has failed to create livable wage jobs in a region that has not seen appreciable job creation-meaning-there will not be a super pent up demand for your home if and when you decide to sell-so forget about getting top dollar.

And you're worried about trailers cheapening your neighborhood!

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