Enemy of the State?

By Amber Enderton | June 6, 2017 |   

It’s happened again. Another person is being arrested and charged for leaking classified documents to the American press. Reality Winner joins the likes of Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden in being persecuted for leaking secrets to the American people. Once more I find myself asking why; who is the real enemy here?

Whether it’s the collateral murder video, NSA surveillance programs, or Russian attacks on voting infrastructure; the people deserve to know what is happening. We have a right to know how are tax dollars are spent, and we have a responsibility to know what are leaders are doing with the authority we give them. When the government keeps secret, democracy suffers.

The government is quick to call these whistleblowers traitors, but who are they betraying? Certainly not the American people; who they deliver this information to so that we may be informed. It is the state secret machine meant to keep us in the dark that they are betraying, a shadowy force that works against the will of the people.

These leakers are heroes. They risk freedom and careers to deliver information our government wishes the keep secret from us. The enemy of the state is not the leakers, it’s us. The government treats us as the enemy. In turn, the government becomes the enemy of freedom and democracy. They are the enemy of the people; and the whistleblowers are the champions of the people. 

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Gregory Jones said...

Well said

Tracy said...

A hero is someone who willing takes responsibility in opposition to an unjust law or condition. Not someone who leaks classified information to the media. If "Reality Winner" was a hero, she should have taken a public position and violate the law and accept prison in opposition to what she feels is unconstitutional or illegal.

For example: Ben Salmon (1889–1932) An American Catholic who refused to be drafted in the US army during the First World War. He was arrested and court marshalled. Initially sentenced to death, his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.

She is not a hero. Whistleblower go public in identifying a percieved wrong. Not leaking to the media bidding in the shadows.

Amber Enderton said...

I've been seeing this argument that real heroes turn themselves in line since the Chelsea Manning leaks and it is such a load of hogwash its ridiculous. Heroes often put themselves in harms way but they don't just surrender at the first available opportunity. That's ridiculous. Just say how you really feel and admit that you think the US should be keeping these secrets from us.

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