Dispatches From Atlanta - Elk Grove Mayoral Candidate Tracie Stafford Marches with Dolores Huerta in Response to Nazi Attacks

August 13, 2017 | 

For Elk Grove Mayoral candidate Tracie Stafford, the attendance at a progressive political conference covering a vast array of social justice issues took on added significance.

Stafford who was a speaker at the four day NetRootsNation conference in Atlanta that concluded today when yesterday's ghastly events in Charlottesville, Va. transpired. In response to those events and President Trump's comments, an immediate march in downtown Atlanta was organized. 

Among the speakers at the conference were Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Al Gore, who kicked-off last night's march. The spontaneous march, which featured civil rights icon Dolores Huerta as the main speaker drew over 1,000 participants. 

Below is a description of the march posted with permission from Stafford.

Last night we marched with Dolores Huerta through the streets of Atlanta, the birthplace of Martin Luther King, in love and solidarity with Charlottesville and to honor those whom were lost and injured in yesterday's tragedy. Our prayers go out to Heather Heyer and her family.

We also pray for those lost and angry souls who choose hate, blame and destruction over equality. But know my brothers and sisters, that they will not win.

The world is waking up and those who have been wrongly enriched and empowered on the backs of others are losing control. They will continue to rise up using the less fortunate in their own ranks as pawns. Please be there to meet them in peace and love. It is the only way to defuse the hate. Matching the fury only strengthens it.

This, my friends, is what humanity looks like.

See short video link here.

In love and peace from Atlanta, Georgia.


Left to right - Barbara Dehart, Elisa Parker, Sheila Cameron, Tracie Stafford, and Heidi Hall. 

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