FBI 2016 Annual Hate Crime Summary Shows One Report From Elk Grove Police

November 17, 2017 |

As part of their annual summary on hate crime in the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigations has released a report of incidents as reported by various law enforcement agencies.

According to information submitted by the Elk Grove Police Department, there was one reported hate incident in Elk Grove during 2016. That incident, which occurred in the first quarter of last year was classified as a race or ethnicity based crime.

Elk Grove Police Chief Bryan Noblett said department records for 2016 showed that were three events recorded internally as hate incidents in 2016. Noblett noted department staff is seeking to identify the reason for the discrepancy between EGPD and FBI numbers.

Regardless of the number, Noblett said any hate incident in Elk Grove is one too many. He added in light of the recent developments in Elk Grove, the department is emphasizing their continued commitment to address these along with all types of crimes occurring in the city and the importance of citizen involvement.

"I encourage our residents to report any hate incidents to the police so that we can properly investigate them and so that we have an accurate feel for what is happening in our community," Noblett said. "The Elk Grove Police Department remains committed to serve and protect our entire community and to investigate any hate crimes thoroughly and professionally."

Other nearby police department reporting included Sacramento PD and Roseville PD. Sacramento reported six incidents with four classified as sexual orientation-based and two as ethnic or racially based.

Roseville PD, with its smaller population of 132,000 than Elk Grove's 169,000 and Sacramento's 495,000 reported the highest number of hate incidents in the region last year with 11 total events. Included in that were seven ethnically or racially based, and four based on religion.

During 2016 the Roseville PD was led by Daniel Hahn who assumed command of the Sacramento PD earlier this year. Elk Grove's Noblett assumed command of the department in September 2016 following the retirement of Robert Lehner. 

Citrus Heights PD, which is contracted with the Sacramento Sheriff's Department for law enforcement reported one incident that was based on sexual orientation and Folsom PD had one event that was based on religion. Police departments from Galt, Rancho Cordova, and West Sacramento were not included in the listings.

For the State of California, there were a total of 522 hate events with the most common, 208 incidents, being reported based on sexual orientation. 

In the release of the information, the FBI notes that the statistics are raw numbers and not a ranking per se of the relative safety of one community to another. It notes "the FBI has a longstanding policy against ranking participating law enforcement agencies on the basis of crime data alone. Despite repeated warnings against these practices, some data users continue to challenge and misunderstand this position."

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