Cooper Wins Democratic Endorsement For Reelection Bid to California Assemby

Assemblymember Jim Cooper. | 

January 29, 2018 |

In a Democratic Party conference held on Saturday, January 27 at the Sacramento Central Labor Council in Sacramento,  Jim Cooper won an endorsement for his reelection bid for a third term to the California Assembly.

The pre-state party convention vote selecting Cooper, who represents the 9th Assembly District that includes portions of Sacramento and San Joaquin County and all of Elk Grove, means he will have an automatic endorsement from the state party convention next month in San Diego. Challenging Cooper for the support was Democratic primary opponent Harry He.

The vote tally on Saturday was 79 for Cooper, 2 for He, and 10 selected no endorsement for a 79-percent score. To earn the pre-convention endorsement, candidates must receive at least a 70-percent score. Also winning their respective endorsement votes were U.S. Congressman Dr. Ami Bera and State Senator Dr. Richard Pan.

"I am a lifelong proud Democrat, and it is an absolute honor to have received the support needed from our local delegates to be put on the California Democratic Party's consent calendar," Cooper said. "I look forward to continue fighting for working-class families, women, and minorities in the 9th Assembly District." 

Although Cooper, who is politically considered a moderate Democrat, has built a substantial campaign war chest and has been viewed as occupying a safe seat, has been the focus of progressives within the party. Cooper has been targeted for his stances on issues such as law enforcement legislation but notes he has a perfect and near perfect legislative score from Planned Parenthood and California Teachers Association respectively. 

Also, this past weekend activist from the California Nurses Association and Knock Every Door movement walked a portion of Cooper's district in South Sacramento. The activists were out to discuss and generate support for Senate Bill 562, a single-payer healthcare bill.

That bill, which passed the State Senate last year but was blocked from consideration in the Assembly by Speaker Anthony Rendon, was offered qualified support by Cooper. At a town hall meeting last summer, Cooper said he would support the idea but also said the Senate's legislation was "half-baked" and needed extensive changes.

The three day state Democratic Party convention in San Diego starts on Friday, February 23. 


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1 comment

D.J. Blutarsky said...

What a cryin’ shame! Cooper ruined it and now I’m out big time money!

Me and my buds was sittin’ around Denny’s the other mornin’ and we were discussing this very same thing. I bet everywun a Grand Slam special that Mayor Ly was gonna git the nomination ‘cause he’s done more fer our city than anyone else.

Cooter went out on a limb and bet everyone the Peanut Butter Cream Pancake breakfast special that Gary Davis was gonna come out of retirement and win. But thanks to that durn Democratic Party, Beau is just about busted now! He bet his prized pig on that outsider, Harry He!

I tell ya one thing. Us rednecks in Elk Grove are gonna have to git up and go pretty soon, ‘cause it’s gettin’ mighty hot in the kitchen here. Roscoe was tellin’ me the other day that land is cheap in Idaho and they got these Denny’s all over. No single payer health care up there, no wimpy electric cars, no welfare, and low low taxes.

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