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By Gary Chew | July 3, 2018 |

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Franchise films are common … but inundate us in summer. Here's your Summer “Purge.” It's much like its predecessors: extremely violent, bloody, vicious, grisly, horrifying and creepy. Given today's societal atmosphere, what more could one expect? Really, THE FIRST PURGE* presents as a blunt incitement to simply disregard the wisdom of MLK. Jr., even though the breadth of human emotions … some of them loving and positive … are included. (Then, there are the lame comic relief lines of dialogue that didn't go by me in any funny way at all.)

One can easily feel sympathy for the black characters in the script, even though many of them murder others and sell drugs on almost every corner of one New York City borough. With more reality afoot, racists and white power folks commit even more outrageous things, but can do it with more cover.

Staten Island is the one borough getting an annual 12-hour dispensation for the committing of heinous crimes, except killing or maiming government officials and emergency and medical personnel. (My what a precious exclusion that is to make.) Yip, all is legal in that one-half day that's in the dark.

This absurd edict has been foisted on citizens by the current party in power of the federal government, known as NFFA … The New Founding Fathers of America. I couldn't keep from laughing (under my breath) every time one of these ditsy politicians appears in a scene to speak his or her rationale for such ridiculous policies. These days, it's so very close to what's actually going on … unlike what happens on those lame TV reality shows. (Gulp!)

The picture cleverly pulls one into a sense of taking revenge on the things that have been pissing one off, particularly after having to withstand unpleasant and unfair circumstances for waaaaaay too long.

An old movie that is the reverse of this new PURGE picture is THE COWBOYS with Duke Wayne. I think I can say, with a certain amount of certainty, that this 70s flick is one that I continue to loath. It shows Wayne as a good old boy cowboy with Duke's usual but not so mindful persuasions. He's aiding some young boys in the story. Bad guys kill Duke's character, thus setting it up to make everything OK for the young boys to, in a later scene, gun down the bastards who've wasted Wayne's character. It's not a pretty movie … not well-suited for young boys.

THE PURGE is anything but pretty, too. It's not a difficult thought process to arrive at a point where there's little reason left in a person's mind when many things in his or her life … or in his or her place of residence have gone awry due to ignorant decisions made by the powers around them.

The earlier PURGE films released when tensions were, yes, there … but not to the extent we now have them in America. I'm hoping the current leaders of our country will avoid seeing this film. If some of them do, they might decide to change the current name of their flailing party to the NFFA. Yes, The Founding Fathers of America: the biggest, ironically ugly act of punking that could ever be played on this nation.

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