Alliance to Protect the Middle Class on Mayor Steve Ly - 'We feel that it is important that this information is known'

In addition to a Facebook page called MayorSteveLies ads like this from the Alliance to Protect the
Middle Class have started appear in mobile devices and computer screens. |  
October 10, 2018 | 

As reported in a story posted earlier this evening, an independent expenditure committee calling themselves the Alliance to Protect the Middle Class (APMC) has launched a campaign aimed at Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly. The initial information has included internet advertisements as well as a Facebook page called Mayor Steve Lies.

According to Noah Painter, the spokesperson for the committee, the group is comprised of a variety of business owners and individuals who want Elk Grove voters to see the record of Ly.

"A group of electricians, property owners, apartment owners, and small businesses have decided to form a committee to point out some of the inaccuracies that Mayor Steve Ly has failed to disclose to citizens in Elk Grove," Painter said. "We feel that it is important that this information is known, and that voters have a clear picture of all of the candidates running for mayor."

Painter stressed that the committee is not supporting either Tracie Stafford or Elk Grove Vice Mayor Darren Suen,  both who are challenging the one-term incumbent Ly. Rather, he said, "right now we are just pointing out particular issues with this specific candidate."
This ad has started appearing on
mobile devices. 

In their first posting on the Facebook page, APMC posted information about a lawsuit filed in Sacramento Superior Court against Ly and his wife in 2009. The lawsuit, which was first reported two years ago during Ly's initial campaign for mayor, involved unpaid credit card debt.  

Painter said APMC would also be releasing information on what he claims were unpaid utilities.

"At this time we're are just focused on the fact that Mayor Ly has personal financial mismanagement and has failed to disclose that," he said. "He doesn't fee that it is important to ensure that cities are repaid for utility bills, so, therefore, we need to make sure that taxpayers and voters know about that."

No further details were offered regarding the alleged unpaid utility bills. Painter said the committee members thought that it was important since the mayor is in part responsible for managing the city budget.

"It is really important for Elk Grove voters to know who is running for mayor, and whether or not they are completely honest with voters about how they can manage a budget," he said. "Whether it's the city's budget or their own." 

In the last two hours, through an intermediary, Ly has been invited to comment or interview on the claims and the activities of APMC. As of posting time, there has been no response to the invitation. 

Although he would not elaborate further on the supposed delinquent municipal utility bill or other disclosures, Painter added, "There is more coming."   


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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Confucius say, "the elected Mayor manages nothing, not even the budget. The Mayor position is a figurehead, one of five votes. Pity the poor fools who believe rubbish".

Eye on Elk Grove said...
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Eye on Elk Grove said...

There is nothing is more evil, and shows the complete desperation in politics, than Independent Expenditure Committees (IEs) that hide behind some altruistic name to fund a hit piece.

The “Alliance to Protect the Middle Class?” What BS and shame on the union that is behind this, no doubt supporting Darren Suen.

As the EGN article states, this is old news and it appears to me that Steve Ly had some “middle class issues” during the big recession that hit Elk Grove hard. How many people in Elk Grove not only had credit card problems but worse, lost their homes? Looks like Ly can relate to the middle class and certainly could garner some empathy here.

What’s next since this IE is pulling out old baggage? The old Jack Daniels’ hit piece on Pat Hume regarding his past indiscretions going to resurface? Stephanie Nguyen’s old Op Ed on Ly will reemerge which will show her years’ old vendetta against Ly?

The candidate is never supposed to know about an IE. I call BS on this as well. The candidate always knows. Suen is supposed to have a squeaky-clean image. With this IE, Suen’s character can now be called into question.

And if Ly is smart, he will use this IE to his advantage.

Have any other current Elk Grove City Council members been late on their bills to the city of Elk Grove? Any liens on property on Elk Grove City Council agenda items that could come back to haunt even they go back years as in Ly's case.

Begs the question: What are Darren Suen and his supporters so afraid of? Getting desperate? Or could it be Suen being third in the polls has finally hit home?

Tracie Stafford has run a clean campaign and hasn’t gotten in the gutter with Ly and Suen. Let’s hope the voters are reminded of that!

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