Elk Grove News Minute - The Aquatics Center and That Giant Flushing Sound

December 15, 2018 |  

On Wednesday, December 12, at the request of public works director Bob Murdock, the Elk Grove City Council approved additional funding of $1.4 million to cover cost overruns on the civic center aquatics facility.

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Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

While I agree the civic center pool is going to be a drain, I think there is one other fee source to close the gap.

As time goes on, the city and the CCSD will increase user fees to the point that regular folk will not be able to use the pool without taking a second mortgage on their house. This place will essentially become a public-owned country club only open to those who can pay the entry fee.

Connie said...

I firmly believe it is the role of the Elk Grove City Council to serve Elk Grove residents, do whatever they can to make our lives easier and to give back to the very people who keep this city running with our tax dollars.

Whether it be a proposal for the Elk Grove Auto Mall Gift Card Program submitted to them for consideration – let’s see what they do as it is not always about the one percent. Or once a year giving every household a free family pass to the aquatics center. The Captain is right, not every household will be able afford to pay for their kids to take advantage of the aquatics center.

“The happiness and prosperity of our citizens . . . is the only legitimate object of government and the first duty of its governors.” – Thomas Jefferson

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