SACOG releases grant money for transportation projects, Elk Grove receives $8.2 million

December 9, 2018 |  

Last week the Sacramento Area Council of Governments - SACOG - released information on funds granted to a number of governmental entities in their six-county jurisdiction. Among the recipients of  $132.4 million in total grant funding was the City of Elk Grove.

Elk Grove received grants totaling $8.2 million for five projects. The projects will target trail improvements, intersection modifications, a right turn lane project, a pavement rehabilitation and modernization, and a streetscape project in Old Town Elk Grove. Four of the projects are considered to be of regional significance, while the Old Town is classified as a community design enhancement.

Below is specific information on each of the five projects provided by The City of Elk Grove. 

1. Elk Grove Creek Trail Gap Closure (Laguna Springs Drive to Oneto Park)  $1,213,000

Proposed Project: Along the south side of Elk Grove Creek from Laguna Springs Drive to Oneto Park:  construct a Class 1 multiuse trail. On Laguna Springs Drive from Elk Grove Boulevard to Laguna Palms Way:  add Class 2 bike lanes.

2.  ITS 5A - Signal and Intersection Modifications  $802,000

Proposed Project: Connect existing city fiber and copper signal interconnect cable at up to eight intersections and install new fiber-optic communications lines and communication hubs at two new intersections.
3. Laguna Boulevard right turn lane to West Stockton Boulevard  $1,768,000

Proposed Project: At the intersection of Laguna Boulevard and West Stockton Boulevard, convert the existing right turn lane into a westbound vehicle lane, add a new westbound Class II bike lane, a new right turn lane, and video detection.

4. Lewis Stein Road and West Stockton Boulevard pavement rehabilitation and modernization   $511,000

Proposed Project: On Lewis Stein Road from Sheldon Road to West Stockton Boulevard and West Stockton Boulevard from Lewis Stein Road to Dunisch Road: design and construct the rehabilitation of the roadway and Class II bike lanes; install crosswalks and replace 34 non-compliant ADA ramps; install detectable warning surfaces at commercial driveways; and resurface 2,800 feet of Class I multi-use trail parallel and south of West Stockton Boulevard.

5. Old Town Elk Grove Streetscape Project: Phase 2   $4,000,000

Proposed Project: On Elk Grove Boulevard from west of Derr Street to Waterman Road: construct roadway rehabilitation with buffered Class II bike lanes, landscaped property frontages, sidewalks, crosswalks with rectangular rapid flashing beacons, enhanced bus shelters, and drainage improvements. The grant funding will fully fund the construction of the project.  Design is 65-percent complete with construction scheduled to start in early 2020.

The funding from SACOG came from a variety of sources including the Regional Surface Transportation Program; Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program; State Transportation Improvement Program; and SACOG Managed Funds.

“SACOG’s December funding round is one of the most important opportunities we have to help deliver key transportation projects throughout our region," James Corless, SACOG's executive director said. "I’m impressed by the steps forward for cyclist and pedestrian safety and the road improvements for all users demonstrated by so many of these projects.” 

Elk Grove's representative on the 33-member SACOG executive board is Vice Mayor Darren Suen. Along with his role representing Elk Grove, Suen has served as vice chair of the land-use and natural resources committee and is the current vice chair of the transportation committee which serves as the first level of approval for these grants.

Suen, who has made transportation issues one of the keystones of his governance said the process for the board to determine which of the 86 applications would be selected was extensive 

"The complexity of this work can't be overstated as the region wrestles with more stringent state requirements of meeting greenhouse gas reduction, less federal and state funding availability, unsustainable reliance on fuel tax, and a growing need of repairs and capital improvements around the six-county region," Suen said. "Working together with city and SACOG staff to navigate the technical requirements of the grant process and despite more pressing needs, I believe a balanced and equitable distribution of funds was the final outcome this year."

Suen added, "During my service, I will continue seeking to lead on our funding priority for Kammerer Road, funding for trails, next generation transit, and conversations on regional issues that support innovation and sustainable growth."

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