Bond Battering - 'If Elk Grove were a parent, it would be arrested for child negligence of Bond Road'

Notwithstanding the recent rains storms, roads and streets throughout Elk Grove have been taking a battering for several years free of regular maintenance. Following years of neglected routine maintenance, one high-volume road has taken a beating from the prolonged negligence.

This particular segment is the eastbound lanes of Bond Road from East Stockton Boulevard to Emerald Crest Drive in Old Elk Grove. As a reader who contacted us noted, "If Elk Grove were a parent, it would be arrested for child negligence of Bond Road."

Below is a video of that .3 mile section. While the surface appears to be failing, there is hope for commuters on the heavily traveled four-lane road. 

According to plans included in the city's five-year capital improvement projects (see page 244), the public work's department at city hall has budgeted $2.6 million for median improvements and resurfacing for the half-mile segment between East Stockton Boulevard and Elk Grove-Florin Road. 

Although the project is in the CIP budget, it has not yet started and is already behind schedule. According to project notes, "construction is scheduled for 2018 with completion by early 2019." 

It will be worth monitoring to see when the project starts. Perhaps the public works department needs assistance from the city innovations department to get things launched. 

On second thought forget the innovations department, maybe an anonymous call to child protective services is in order. 

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