Elk Grove News Podcast - A citizen's view on Elk Grove's General Plan update

For roughly three-and-half years, Elk Grove has been updating the city's general plan. The general plan is roughly the blueprint on how the city will grow in the future.

In this edition of Elk Grove New Podcast, we have a discussion with one Elk Grove resident who has monitored the process from start to finish. The general plan was scheduled for approval by the Elk Grove City Council on Wednesday, February 13, but was removed for unknown reasons at the last minute. 

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Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Ms. Wheat is to be admired your her tenacity in keeping up with this years-long process. I cannot imagine how many meetings she had to sit through and documents to scour.

After listening to the interview, you can be sure the council members and head honchos at city hall, who are all beholden to the developers pulling the strings, will not dig what she has to say. Nonetheless, thanks to "overriding considerations," developers will get precisely what they want, the council will get what they want, which is the developers and labor unions cash, the head honchos who live outside the city will have job security and the residents in 5 years from now will be left dealing with their debris.

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