Statement from Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly on protest encounter at California Northstate University

In response to an incident at the protest on Saturday, February 22 at California Northstate University involving one of his assistants, Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly has issued the following statement. 

As your Mayor, I am a staunch supporter of free speech and the right to assemble - it is critical to our democracy. Freedom of expression is a cherished American value established by our Founding Fathers and it must be respected at all times for the inclusion of diversity of thought. It is important to me that all citizens are heard and because I believe in this core value, I want to ensure that all citizens can exercise this fundamental right. Any conduct by employees, consultants, volunteers or interns affiliated with my office or me interfering with the exercise of these freedoms will not be tolerated and will be met with a swift action. 

I am working with city officials to make sure employees understand this, so that future appropriate interactions with community members include identifying themselves as city employees when asked,  to avoid confusion and the appearance of impropriety. 

Any new developments considered in the City of Elk Grove, regardless of the location, needs to be properly vetted by all stakeholders and the community. It is important that we take all viewpoints into consideration before deciding to proceed. I encourage and support all stakeholders and community members to participate throughout the public hearing process to track any development. The community’s input is important and I appreciate your patience throughout this extended process.”

Mayor Steve Ly

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Renegade said...

"Won't be tolerated and will be met with swift action."
- Does this mean that Mr. (Major) Sorci has been removed from the city's payroll? - That's what it sound like, but I don't trust the mayor at all.

Perhaps we should all contact the city manager and inquire as to his status. If he's still employed, complaints should be filed now. Sorci need to go. We don't to use our tax dollars to pay the salary of a grunt enforcer for the mayor.

City Manager: Jason Behrmann (916) 461-6010

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