Email from Elk Grove's economic director Doan suggest CNU hospital on track for 'fast approvals'

An email from Darrell Doan to Dr. Alvin Cheung suggests the controversial project on the city's west
side is in the fast lane of approval. | 

Although the back story of the $750 million hospital proposed in Elk Grove has been cloaked in semi-secrecy, as public documents are released some questions are being answered. However, the records are raising as many questions as being answered.   

One of the early questions is what role does the city’s economic development director Darrell Doan have in the facility under pursuit by Elk Grove-based California Northstate University (NCU). Early indications from a review of the documents suggest Doan has been regularly corresponding with Dr. Alvin Cheung, NCU’s president and chief executive officer for some time.

One such email correspondence (see below) came just days before the December 20 announcement by CNU of the project. In the email dated December 17, Doan asked for more details on the press conference on December 20.

Doan also suggested that the city council has tacitly approved the controversial project. In the correspondence, Doan says “I also selfishly want to make sure that the City’s efforts to work with you over the past several months and fast track approval are front and center on any messaging.” 

Doan, city spokesperson Kristyn Laurence nor city manager Jason Behrmann responded to an email inquiring if the term fast track approval was to suggest that the city council has tacitly approved the proposed project prior to its application submittal, environmental review, and required public hearings.

As more documents are reviewed, more questions will be asked of the city government.  

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

Interesting article, Elk Grove News, given Kathy Engle’s reading of Darrell Doan’s emails into the record at last night’s Elk Grove City Council meeting.

Since Doan reports to the Elk Grove City Council, and the unanswered inquiries of the timing involved, one question left unanswered: Is Doan conducting himself in the manner, as stated in his emails, with or without the approval of the Elk Grove City Council?

And doesn’t the wording “Doan also suggested that the city council has tacitly approved the controversial project” imply a Brown Act violation?

All fair questions to discerning EGN readers, those who follow the Elk Grove City Council, and most assuredly, this controversial CNU project.

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