Funds for climate action plan study approved by CCSD, public comments laud the development

By a 5-0 vote, the Cosumnes Community Service District board of directors approved an expenditure to commission a study to develop a climate action plan for the district. The action was taken at last night's regular meeting.

By approving the study, the district will hire an independent consultant to conduct a district-wide survey, including the district's parks and fire fighting operations. The study will cost approximately $49,000.

A presentation by Paul Mewton, the district's director of planning, design, and construction offered three options for conducting the study. Mawton noted that unlike municipalities, the district does not decide on land use issues, so the focus of the study and recommendations will be narrow and not covered by CEQA, the California Environmental Quality Act.

The three option included having the study conducted by district staff, a study by a consultant who would offer lower cost but would be contracted for the implementation of recommendations, and the independent consultant.

During board deliberation Director Rod Brewer noted that the district is under no obligation to develop a climate action plan.

"We don't have to do that here at CSD, but at the same time we have an obligation to the community to look at what we do," he said.

After Mawton's report, four individuals spoke during public comment on the proposal. All four urged the expenditure and lauded the district's leadership on the matter.

Elk Grove resident Nancy Castignetti said when she spoke to other local legislators, they have been unwilling to address climate considerations.

"When I spoke mention this to [other] local legislators" and "they haven't promised me any actions."

In a note of obvious sarcasm, Castignetti added these elected officials instead "have said their prayers are with the firefighters" dealing with wildfires brought on by the effects of climate change. She also said the district's final adoption of a climate action plan could be a role model for the Elk Grove City Council.

Speaking on behalf of the Sacramento chapter of the Sunrise Movement Danessa Antilles told the directors that bold leadership is needed to mitigate the effects of climate change. Antilles said their contribution could serve as a role model for other local agencies.

"By being those bold leaders, you will be on the right side of history, and you will ensure that we will have a history we can look forward to," she added.

After the vote, Director Jaclyn Moreno, who supported the push said she was pleased the by the action of the board.

"It is no secret that I was in support of this from the beginning of my term," Moreno said. "This is just the beginning because we have a lot more work ahead of us." 


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Unknown said...

I applaud Jaclyn Moreno for not backing down on both the by-district voting and also the Climate Action Plan. I realize everyone isn't on the same page with respect to climate issues but what was really surprising was the fact that people were so upset about the money. These are the same people that didn't say "boo" to spending a couple of million dollars on things like naming the civic center, NUMEROUS lawsuits (with more to come) which are 100% preventable... (hint: Don't send a goon out to intimidate citizens engaged in peaceful protest, don't harass co-workers because of their sexual identity, and don't ignore, then cover up sexual harassment) and more failed consultants (each with their own hefty fee) than I can count. The kicker... most of the naysayers were on the VIP guest list for the "private VIP party (paid for by the taxpayers) at the new aquatics center. I guess it's ok to spend money on parties for the Elk Snout elite.

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