Elk Grove News Minute - Doan unwittingly exposes city hall waste, fat

In what could be characterized as either a moment of honesty or more likely not understanding the implications of their words, Elk Grove's economic development director Darrell Doan unwittingly stepped into it this week.

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Earlier this week, Darrell Doan attended the monthly board meeting of Explore Elk Grove, the city's official tourism agency. Doan gave a 20-plus minute presentation to the directors where he offered what some might characterize as left-handed compliments to the group. 
After telling the group of their subpar performance, Doan pitched the group to make a city employee their executive director, as well as having other Elk Grove city staff members to take over functions such as social media management. The podcast also includes a ten-minute discussion between Doan, one of his employees, Rachael Brown, and the board members in attendance.  

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

This attempted takeover of Explore Elk Grove by Darrell 'Icahn' Doan is nothing more than a City money grab of the 2% supplemental hotel room tax that was used to fund their organization.

All of the Explore Elk Grove Board of Directors, including the City's Economic Development Manager, were named in the sexual harassment lawsuit as defendants. What better way to win the hearts (and money) of Explore Elk Grove, then to use the salary savings as a settlement payment to the plaintiff--and take over!

With the slate wiped clean, the Board can then vote to let the City absorb their organization; the City Council becomes the Board of Directors, and the 2% supplemental room tax can now be used to juice the Economic Development Department!

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