Big B Construction discusses effects of lawsuit; Elk Grove Vice Mayor questions city attorney

Elk Grove Vice Mayor Pat Hume. |  

During the Wednesday, September 25 meeting of the Elk Grove City Council, the co-owner of Big B Construction along with an employee and a supporter spoke during public comments on the detrimental effects of a lawsuit initiated by Elk Grove is having on the small, women-owned enterprise. 

Stockton-based Big B Construction is one of the defendants named in a lawsuit filed by the city over the delays and cost over-runs on the recently opened District56 aquatics center. The city claims the contractors caused the delay while Big B has asserted the design provided by the City of Elk Grove and Willdan caused the delays.

Speaking during public comment were Big B Construction employee Crystal Cornelison; David Anderson, a supporter of the company; and co-owner Brian Ericson. Their comments about the effects the lawsuit are having on the company's prospects for survival can be seen in the video posted below.

In a bit of an unusual move, Vice Mayor Pat Hume questioned assistant city attorney Jennifer Alves about the litigation. Typically, elected officials do not discuss pending litigation in open meetings.

The entire discussion between Hume and Alves can be viewed in the video. Notably, Hume took exception to comments from Erickson noting that Willdan, who is all the contractor for the city public works division, is a major contributor to council members including himself. 

Hume finished the exchange by telling Alves, "the idea of sinking a business doesn't sit well with me, but whatever, we are in a lawsuit so that's how it goes."    

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

There's so much "political capital" flying around City Hall, it looks like the Klingons attacking the Federation starship in Star Trek! Not a good look.

What do politicians do when they are not looking so good? They make everything go away, especially if their hands are not entirely clean as well. Watch the City checkbook start cutting settlement checks and presto, issue is settled and no more daggers are being thrown in public hearing.

Move along, nothing to see here...

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