All His Children - If you support Trump threatening 'civil war' you'll love Detrick, Hume, Nguyen & Suen's 'by-district' threat

Donald Trump and his four kids on the Elk Grove City Council. | 

As has been his practice, Donald Trump continues to denigrate the American presidency and display his never-ending narcissism. In typical form, another display was last night on Twitter, but in this case, he entered new territory.

In a tweet, Trump quoted wack-job and so-called evangelical Robert Jeffress who was not surprising - according to Trump's tweet in any case - quoted on Fox News. Jeffress said if Trump is constitutionally removed from the United States would fall into civil war.

Jeffress is entitled to exercise his right to free speech. However, it is beyond being irresponsible for an American president to take these words and suggest to the world there will be a civil war in the United States. 

Does Trump even know what a civil war is or the history of our civil war?  

Put another way, the 45th President of the United States by implication said that if he were removed from office by a Constitutional process, there would be violence on the streets of America. Another consequence of quoting the wackjob minister, Trump suggested to the United States House of Representatives and the American people that he could start the civil unrest if removed. 

For people who have been following the Elk Grove City Council's begrudging move from the current at-large to the by-district system of voting for city council members will recognize the similarity. Through the process, four city council members - Steve Detrick, Pat Hume, Stephanie Nguyen, and Darren Suen - have actively fought the change.

We have heard all four speak in Trumpian terms ad nausea about the dire consequences of switching to by-district voting. They warn of the collapse of city, balkanization, and have echoed a suggestion that Old Town Elk Grove will become skid row.

Of course, when asked if they would represent just their district in a by-district system, they push back and say of course they will represent the entire city. Much like Trump's threat of a civil war if he was constitutionally removed, they too say they alone can do the job and not be parochial.

While they say they will continue to represent the best interests of the entire city in by-district representation, it would be people who follow them in office who would screw the pooch. Those new city council members would be feudal lords of their districts.  

Like their mentor Donald Trump, all four  Elk Grove City Council members are saying if we are removed from office by popular vote - or indictment - Elk Grove will dissolve overnight into a chaotic city.

So the next time you see all four together, you might want to think of them as Trump clones, or maybe as his four kids, or better, All His Children. Pat Hume can be Don junior, Steve Detrick is Eric, Stephanie Nguyen is Ivanka, and Darren Suen as Jared Kushner. 

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Unknown said...

There really is no difference between any of these people. Hume and Detrich are Republicans, Ly, Suen and Nguyen are Dems and yet Hume, Detrich, Suen and Nguyen all vote in a block. As of late, Suen seems to have become very cozy with Ly. If only there was someone in District 1 to run against Suen. ;-)

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