Elk Grove News Minute - City manager Jason Behrmann's poor judgment

This week Elk Grove city councilman Darren Suen held what was billed as a community meeting on California Northstate University’s controversial proposed hospital project. One of the people on hand to help Suen out of the difficult situation was Elk Grove city manager Jason Behrmann.

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Josie said...

It has always been my perception that the city manager is to be nonpartisan and politically neutral as they carry out the decisions of the council or mayor.  That they should avoid political activity (other than voting) and that they should refrain from campaigning on behalf of candidates.  That being said and perhaps I am mistaken, this event was a Suen political event, that he managed to clear his voice with District 1 and his involvement with CNU.  The city manager should never have been a part of this.

Randy Bekker said...

Josie, I agree if this was a campaign social event. I can tell you it was not! The city manger was asked to be there to help fill in some information that the city manger may have on process of different projects. I think citizens in District 1 was given information or updated but more than anything they were given the opportunity to voice their opposition to CNU.

Josie said...

Mr. Bekker, with all due respect I stand by my statement and have nothing further to add.

Disclosure...I do not reside in District 1!

Randy Bekker said...

Josie, it should be noted Mr. Behremann was at a similar neighborhood information meeting with the Mayor prior to this meeting. I to do not live in District 1 but find information in other locations around the city interesting. I think this meeting was very productive for both the citizens, Council member Suen an Mr. Behrmann.

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