While the Elk Grove City Council fiddles like Nero, West Sacramento plays like a well-rehearsed orchestra

As often has been the case for municipalities in the Sacramento region, Elk Grove has once again been outshone by a rival community. This time it is West Sacramento.

In a cover story on the AARP's monthly Bulletin print and online publication, West Sacramento has been recognized for its progressive manner of addressing senior citizen mobility. The recognition for the east Yolo County city came because of their West Sacramento On-Demand service.

The story describes the service as a hybrid between ride services like Lyft and Uber and traditional bus services. In a partnership between the city and a company called Via, the service was launched in 2017.

The service coordinates multiple pick-ups and drop-offs of passengers. The cost is $3.50 each way, and for passengers with disabilities and those over 62, the price drops to $1.75.

Interestingly, at the most recent Sacramento Transporation Authority meeting on Thursday, December 12, the one person allowed to speak during public comment, Ms. Rita Simmersbach, noted the service. As you can hear from Ms. Simmersbach in the audio posted below, the speaker urged the STA to include this type of service should that multi-jurisdictional entity seek and gain the approval of a 40-year $8 billion sales tax measure for transit needs.

As it relates back to Elk Grove, there is another thing to consider - while Elk Grove is fiddling like Nero and is not addressing mobility issues - especially for seniors in a meaningful way, along with other pocketbook issues like fixing potholes in a meaningful way for residents - West Sacramento is pursuing ways to give more economical transportation options to older residents. Put another way, the City of Elk Grove is more interested in expanding its boundaries to enrich billionaire developers, while West Sacramento seems on some level to be addressing needs in a meaningful way for its residents.

Why is that so?

Given Elk Grove has wild west-like campaign finance rules - which means for all purposes there are unlimited campaign cash contributions, members of the city council are more interested in grabbing money from the developers seeking riches on the backs of taxpayers. Conversely, West Sacramento has voluntarily decided to limit campaign contributions, and as a result, seem to be more concerned about the common good of its residents, and not to the highest campaign contributor bidder.

Yes, Elk Grove fiddles like Nero while its taxpayers languish, and the City of West Sacramento orchestrates services and national recognition like New York Philharmonic.      

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

EGN needs to back off. The Elk Grove City Council DOES care about seniors! For example, the city went into major debt to build a competition swimming pool facility and to purchase a 100-acre plot of land for a competition soccer field

If you think pools are just for young people, how do you think Jack LaLanne was able to tow 70 rowboats at the age of 70 in the Long Beach Harbor? He was able to train in a pool!

And if you think soccer is a sport aimed at young people, well then your forgetting that soccer creates lots of jobs for seniors. Do you think those snack bars operate by themselves? Do you think the trash under the bleachers magically pick themselves up and walk over to the trash cans? No, the Elk Grove soccer field will help seniors in a way that West Sacramento can only dream about!

So, EGN needs to stop all this rubbish about Elk Grove only caring about the rich developers.

Bandee said...

To answer your question, "Why is that so? " We have never had quality leadership and it looks like that trend will continue.

Neo Elk Grove said...

I thought Elk Grove had an innovations department to handle this type of thing. Seems like they are more on the ball over in West Sac.

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