As Iowa closes and California approaches, texts from Elizabeth and letters from Mike in Elk Grove

As the Democratic presidential campaigns leave Iowa and head to New Hampshire, the biggest state in the contest - California - is just one month away. In the last several weeks, campaigns are focusing on outreach efforts locally.

One of our readers was kind enough to share some of the campaign outreach efforts she has received via text message and regular mail.

Our reader, Maria is registered as Democratic and lives in a household with three other registered Democratic male voters. Interestingly, she is the only one to receive any direct correspondence from campaigns. In that because the campaigns are focusing on women voters or just coincidence?

The text from the Elizabeth Warren campaign was from a campaign worker who identified themselves as Amy. In the course of several texts over about a one week period, Amy humorously said a ham sandwich would be better as president than Donald Trump.

Texts from Elizabeth Warren Campaign - click to enlarge

This weekend Maria also received a letter from the Bloomberg campaign. This is the first letter received by any of the four voters at Maria's residence.

As a naturalized voter born in a time zone that is 14 hours ahead of California's Pacific Standard Time, Maria told EGN that Bloomberg has gained popularity with a couple of her female professional colleagues. These colleagues, who are naturalized voters from Mexico have said they will probably vote for Bloomberg.

Obviously, this is just a couple of voters, but could Bloomberg's commercials letters, huge TV  commercial buys going directly after Trump appeal to women voters, particularly those who are naturalized citizens? 

With California's primary one month away, it will be interesting to see what presidential candidates candidacy remains viable after New Hampshire and South Carolina and as candidates drop out, will Bloomberg's TV buys sway enough voters. 

Letter from the desk of Mike Bloomberg

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