Video - High-volume Elk Grove grocery store controls access, certain supplies diminish

Shoppers patiently waiting in line to enter the Winco store on Sheldon Raod in Elk Grove. | 

What is probably Elk Grove's highest dollar volume grocery store as of this afternoon has controlled access to their facility.

An early afternoon visit on Monday, March 16 to the Winco store on Sheldon Road found store personnel controlling the access of shoppers to the facility. The Winco store, known for its self-serve grocery bagging and lower costs on many standard items, has an extensive customer base in Elk Grove and South Sacramento.

With the controlled access, once inside the store, shoppers had ample space to practice social distancing and checkout was quick. While many items were out of supply or running low, there were others that were other items that appeared unaffected by the buying spree of many people since the pandemic proclamation.

According to the check-out cashier, as of this morning, with the exception of items like rice, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper, everything else was stocked. Along with the aforementioned items, other products not in supply as of this afternoon included potatoes, eggs, and non-frozen chicken.  

There was an ample supply of bread, bakery goods, diapers, alcohol, tri-tip roasts, and corned beef brisket. As of Saturday, Winco is no longer opened 24-hours a day and is now closed between midnight and 7 a.m.

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