Masks & hand cleanser donated to Cosumnes Fire Department firefighters, Elk Grove Food Bank volunteers

During a public presentation today, the Cosumnes Fire Department and Elk Grove Food Bank
received donated masks and hand cleansers. | 

Eschewing social media platforms, California Northstate University donated masks and hand cleanser during a public presentation in Elk Grove this afternoon.

Conducting the presentation for CNU was Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly. Joining Ly was Cosumnes Community Services District Director Orlando Fuentes. The public event was held at the Cosumnes Fire District's Fire Station 75 on Maritime Drive on Elk Grove's far west side. 

Along with Ly, Alvin Cheung, president and chief executive officers of California Northstate University, presented the masks and hand cleanser. The donation was to the Cosumnes Fire Department and the Elk Grove Food Bank Services volunteers distributing food and services, primarily for in-need seniors in the food bank's service area.

Accepting the donations on behalf of the fire department and food bank were Chief Michael McLaughlin and executive director Marie Jachino respectively. In their comments, both were thankful for the donation and praised the spirit of cooperation in the community.

"The communities of Elk Grove and Galt continue to raise the bar and exceed expectations," McLaughlin said. "The men and women of the Cosumnes Fire Department are here to answer the call and take care of each and every person to the greatest extent possible."

Noting the quadrupling of requests for services in recent weeks, Jachino said, "all of us at the Elk Grove Foodbank are committed to staying open, and it has been a challenge - we have seen a 465-percent increase in the last two weeks."

Following the comments, there was no invitation for questions from the assembled media. Portions of the comments can be viewed in the below video. 

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Spoons and Forks said...

Nothing against the food bank volunteers, but from everything I see they are practicing social distancing when they make their deliveries. It seems the masks might be better used in a hospital where they are needed. From the display, it looks like a small amount of masks were donated so this seems like nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Steve L said...

Why the need for a ceremony noticed by the media outlets?

To me it seems all parties involved are just doing their jobs. I see nothing worthy of a "ceremony" when people are suffering and dying. This was in very poor taste. Yes, it was nothing but a photo-op at the expense of thousands suffering an unprecedented and brutal virus.

And yes, the masks need to go to hospitals and EMTs that work on the frontline with critical patients, not to food workers far removed (hopefully)from hand to hand contact with the most critically ill.

Randy Bekker said...

The Mayor never misses a photo op especially in a crisis an election year. Given CNU’s past poor neighborly bed side manners they will get an at a boy after all this is over. Look what we did for our city. Yes it is a gracious donation in such a global crisis as enemies are helping one another all over the world to argue another day. The mayor through his connections has secured PPE for our police department an now our fire department. Both the mayors efforts an CNU is greatly appreciated. Photo ops cheapens your good deeds.

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