Open Challenge to the Elk Grove City Council - Regain Your Political Capital and Show Compassion; Elk Grove Food Bank

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By D.J. Blutarsky | 

The Elk Grove Food Bank is a good barometer of the social health of the City, and during this Coronavirus pandemic, that barometer is reading deep in the red. 

The Elk Grove Food Bank is experiencing a critical shortage of food, and according to press reports, is down to about a 15-day food supply. The Food Bank has specifically requested $100,000 from the City of Elk Grove to assist in operations and food purchases. 

Here's my plan:

The Elk Grove City Council needs to step up to the plate in the 'compassion' department during this crisis. After that pathetic vote last Wednesday evening, I challenge the Council to go one step further - spend your own campaign funds, $20,000 apiece.

With the exception of Mayor Ly, all four City Council members voted last Wednesday evening to reject an urgency ordinance that would have mandated that landlords not initiate eviction proceedings against tenants caught in the Coronavirus hardship. It was too easy for the four 'compassionate ones' to steer clear of this and demonize tenants while teleconferencing out of the public spotlight. 

It is easy to spend other people's money, particularly if you sit at the dais and can utter the words "aye." To regain the respect of your constituents (and maybe some "tenants"), I challenge each Council member to pledge $20,000 from their campaign war chests to the Elk Grove Food Bank. 

The Food Bank has been a favorite backdrop for countless social media selfies and Twitter posts for the Council members and some prospective Council candidates. It is no longer good enough for you to merely say "aye" and dip into the City coffers to show compassion. You spent all of your "political capital" last Wednesday night. 

$20,000 from each of you out of compassion, please. Thank You.

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1 comment

Steve L said...

Now that's a great idea.
Are these leaders on the council, prepared set set an example or just prima-donnas seeking acknowledgment and their 15 minutes of fame.

Times are tough, leaders lead.
Ball's in your court council members. Are you an Eisenhower or a Trump?

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