Small business owner open letter to Elk Grove City Councilmember Darren Suen - 'Thank you for showing your true colors'

Council Member Suen,

Thank you for showing your true colors. 

I knew that political donations buy you access and favor. You’ve demonstrated that since December of 2018 when you came out with a wrecking ball statement with your friends at California Northstate University.  

CNU had your unfettered support to displace all of its tenants. Now you’ve given even more power to them and your other landlord political donors. 

Your recent vote AGAINST stopping evictions makes me sick to my stomach.  

The lack of leadership, compassion, and humanity you and your comrade's display is truly disheartening and nothing short of deplorable. 

Elk Grove is the only city in the region to refuse to help stop evictions. 

The Governor gave you the authority and the power, and you wouldn’t use it. 

The city of Sacramento and countless others gave you a temple and example to follow, and from the comfort of a private room, you rejected the opportunity to lead with dignity and humanity. 

 If your goal was to let your constituents know you stand with BIG DONORS and big business. Yes, CNU, Pappas, and all of your other deep-pocket supporters know you’ve got their back. Well played. I’m sure the donations will roll in for November. 

Now, how about those others. The voters and businesses of your district. Where is your support to them?  

Times like this show your true colors. 

The Covid 19 turned your district's shopping centers into ghost towns. And when this is all over, you’ll have another epic permanent record of your decision making when Stonelake Lansing evicts all of its tenants right in line with the playbook you’ve supported all along. 

Now the bigger issue will be when CNU bankrupts its tenants before doing the same to itself. Elk Grove Ghost hospital is coming in 2021. 

Banking your political aspirations on the decisions you’ve made almost assures this outcome. 

We will forever remember the leaders who lead and do the right thing.

We will also remember who turned their backs on us in a time of need. 

I simply wish you and our city of Elk Grove leaders cared about their people during the bad times, not just photo ops with their political ambitions. 

During this time of crisis, I hope those your family counts on are met with more support than you and council members here in Elk Grove. 


Matthew Weaver 
Results Transformation Center 
Stonelake Landing | Elk Grove 


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Unknown said...

As I have said all along they lack a “Moral Compass”

White Hat said...

This article makes me sick to my stomach. Right now we need a hospital more than ever.

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