Guest Opinion - Trump Has Lost What’s Left of His Mind

By Steve Lee |

I’ll admit that I am not a fan of our current president. I never have been and never will be. I see him as a pathological liar and a wealthy foolhardy rube that cares solely about himself and his family and their personal wealth over the wellness and best interests of our country. This was never more evident than his March 24 press conference in which he essentially placed the need for the stock market to quickly rebound over the wellbeing of the entire nation’s health; greed for money over curtailing a deadly virus that has already killed 400 Americans and our best scientists estimating the worst is stillto come, perhaps weeks away.

Today’s (March 25) Sacramento Bee Commentary by Gil Duran precisely laid it out my point of view and I couldn’t agree more with his article.

Duran noted that Trump wants to ease the restrictions on personal contact and get the nation back to work in exchange for the likelihood of causing the deaths of millions of Americans, many of them elderly. The current global death toll exceeds 14,000 and keep in mind there is no known vaccine and all medical evidence indicates the worst is yet to come here in the US. Yet Trump seems to be on the side of the virus and trying at ANY COST to maintain his position in the White House

His disbanding the National Security Council’s Global Health Security Office in 2018 has crippled this country’s readiness and ability to fight this virus. His bio-defense preparedness advisor and other high-level global health experts all left the White House advisory team due to Trump’s refusal to listen to them and plan for such a health catastrophe

When the virus reached the US, Trump called it a “hoax” generated by the Democrats and fake news outlets. His failure to act immediately has no doubt already caused hundreds of deaths. Once he could no longer deny the pandemic, he blamed President Obama, the man who actually created the Global Health Security Office as part of the NSC, the agency he dismantled in 2019. He then ignominiously told the world he has handled the situation flawlessly.

Certainly, we are all suffering painful economic consequences of shuttering in-home, but our lives and the lives of our loved ones are more important than a temporary decline of stocks or money. As Duran stated in his article; “We can save the economy without deliberately causing mass deaths.

His commentary went on; “We must trust doctors and scientists to guide our response –not billionaires, stockbrokers or anti-science politicians who value their fortunes more than our families."

Trump believes his re-election will largely be determined by the state of the economy. He may be right, but if this country has a soul, it may be also determined by a country of pragmatists who believe in the strength of family and the resilience of the American way, despite any degree of economic hardships brought on by a stingy virus.

America, you want to know what a high crime and misdemeanor worthy of a president’s impeachment is? How about the deliberate causing of mass deaths due to a personal need for greed and power by our country’s chief executive?

If the president and Congress are allowed to carry out his wishes, in three months, this nation may observe a whole new significance when contemplating the meaning of Easter Sunday in the future.


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White Hat said...

I think the person who wrote this editorial has lost their mind.

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