NASCAR throttles back on Larson, suspended indefinitely for racist comments

Kyle Larson (center) with then-Mayor Gary Davis (left) and Steve Detrick
during the 2014 Key to the City of Elk Grove ceremony. | 
UPDATED April 14 1:30 p.m | It was announced today that Kyle Larson has been fired by the Chip Gannasi Racing team.

Elk Grove's favorite son and NASCAR driver Kyle Larson learned today that he has been suspended indefinitely for comments he made yesterday during a live stream with other drivers.
As widely reported, Larson used the N-word during a live stream broadcast during a virtual racing event. Larson reportedly did not know he was on the air. 
As a result of the comments, Larson was indefinitely suspended by NASCAR and his team sponsor, the Chip Gannasi Racing team.
An Elk Grove native, Larson was the first person to receive the City of Elk Grove Key to the City in 2014. Larson's primary residency is in nearby Wilton.
NASCAR, which has been struggling with declining popularity recently, has been attempting to broaden the appeal of the sport which traces it roots to southern states. This morning Larson took to social media and issued an apology.
Like other sports, the NASCAR season has been suspended indefinitely.     

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

For awhile they were throwing out those keys to the city like they were hard candy at a 4th of July parade! I guess the law of averages mean a few will turn out bad.

I hope Larson doesn't plan on using that key at City Hall during this pandemic lockdown. On the other hand, Gary Davis endorses Elk Grove Honda, so maybe he can score another ride!

Atticus Finch said...

Shocking! N word used by someone from a diverse town like Wilton?

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