Opinion - Michigan's protest from your car 'Operation Gridlock' endangered communities

Whitmer stay home order protest turns into Trump celebration with ...

By Jeff Timmer |
Special to Elk Grove News |

Ed. note - This opinion piece is in response to demonstrations held yesterday in Lansing, Mich.  |

On display in Lansing yesterday was not life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. Under the guise of our American right to assembly, a mob gathered, not only endangering themselves, but jeopardizing thousands of others throughout Michigan. News and social media abound with images of people ignoring medical science and common sense by congregating around the state Capitol without masks and without regard to distancing.

The odds were high that asymptomatic COVID- 19 carriers were in the crowd. The probability these “patriots” will carry the virus to their families, essential workers, grocery stores, doctors, and nurses are astronomical. Areas that have so far eluded the coronavirus may now have it served to them on a platter of carelessness and stupidity.

Wednesday's protest stands to be the delta for new cases - and possibly more deaths over the next month. We've seen how overwhelmed and underequipped large hospital systems in populous areas were to deal with this disease. How are small-town facilities going to be to deal with a spike in demand for ICU beds?

The dangers and deadliness are known by all. Protestors either callously ignored that evidence or are too dumb to grasp it. Every COVID- 19 case eventually traced back to today at the Capitol was avoidable. Every ensuing death could be considered negligent homicide. Culpable also are the Republican Party and conservative groups that organized and promoted the event. Billed as “protest from your car,” there was exactly ZERO chance of avoiding a circus. They roused the rabble. They share the blame.

If Michigan's quarantine needs to be extended due to Wednesday's gathering, more Michiganders will lose their jobs and more business fail to never re-open. Let's remember who aided and abetted today's mob. It was the Trump Republicans - not Governor Whitmer. I know which side I'll be choosing between now and November.

Timmer is a Republican, critic of  President of Donald Trump and principal of Lansing-based Two Rivers Public Affairs. Timmer can be followed on Twitter @jefftimmer.  |


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