Elk Grove News Minute - #MeToo lands in Elk Grove; will it have any effect?

Recent events between Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly and his former campaign consultant Linda Vwj (Vu) have landed one of the more politically consequential movements in recent years - #MeToo - in Elk Grove.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...


White Hat said...

I second that, SPEASE FOR MAYOR!

Randy Bekker said...

Respectful, Integrity, Gentleman, Trustworthy, Honest, Community, Thoughtful, Giving, Serving, Family. Just a few words I can use to describe Kevin Spease. Everything Ly is not! We had our chance in 2016 but citizens choose Ly if hindsight was 20/20 or if we really looked at Ly of who he was because he hasn’t changed for the better but it looks like he has gotten worse as he has gotten away with his behavior toward others. I support Kevin Spease to win Council District # 3.

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