In a case of dueling claims, online petition urges resignation of Elk Grove Unified Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen

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An ongoing political drama that started with claims against the Mayor of Elk Grove has now ensnared a Trustee of the Elk Grove Unified School District.

Hours after a petition was posted on calling for the resignation of Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen, a competing advisory petition was published on the same site calling for Steve Ly to resign as mayor of Elk Grove. Both petitions stem from claims made by Ly's former 2016 campaign manager Linda Vue that Ly and associates have harassed and threatened her and other women, including elected officials that include Singh-Allen.

The competing petition calling for Singh-Allen's resignation was posted by Mia Foster, who was one of several participants at the most recent Elk Grove City Council meeting speaking in support of Ly. During that meeting, several people urged the city council to censure Ly over the allegations while Foster complimented Ly's service to the city.

The Singh-Allen petition, which as of this posting, has obtained 489 of a goal of 500 signatures, focuses on claims that Singh-Allen made derogatory comments about the Hmong community of which Ly and Vue are part. The petitions against Ly has gathered 640 signatures. 

The petition says "In a recent article released on July 10, 2020, by the Elk Grove Citizen titled, 'Mayor’s Associates Accused of Harassment,' Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Education Trustee of District 4, Bobbie Singh-Allen, described the Hmong clan system as a 'controlling and intimidating system used to attack and silence women.'" 

The petition claims that Singh-Allen's actions have created a hostile environment for children of Hmong descent at Elk Grove Unified Schools. "We no longer feel that our children are safe from discrimination while Bobbie Singh-Allen remains a member of the school board," the petition states.  

In response to the petition, Singh-Allen countered, saying, “Ly’s failure to acknowledge any responsibility is a distraction when he ought to focus on leading the city through the pandemic and other community needs."

Singh-Allen said the petition was brought to her attention by women in the Hmong community and that in her role as an EGUSD Trustee, it is her duty to serve all children, their families, and staff in the district. 

“As a Trustee my focus remains to ensure the safety of thousands of children, teachers, staff and their families to that end we have listened and continue to listen and address their concerns in public zoom hearings that at times have gone past midnight," Singh-Allen said.

Singh-Allen, along with fellow EGUSD Trustee Nancy Chaires-Espinoza and Cosumnes Community Services District Director Jaclyn Moreno, has expressed solidarity with Vue over her claims that Ly and his associates have bullied women. Moreno and Singh-Allen were also involved in a series of claims and counterclaims with Ly in the Elk Grove Citizen, who asserted had made comments that the Hmong community found offensive. 

Singh-Allen said when she became an EGUSD Trustee in 2012 following a vacancy, Ly and associates tried to interfere and block her appointment. Later that same year, Ly won a seat on the EGUSD Board of Trustees and served until 2014 when he was elected to Elk Grove City Council.

Ly defeated Chaires-Espinoza and two other candidates in the 2014 Elk Grove City Council election and vacated his school board seat. Ironically, Chaires-Espinoza was appointed to the position Ly had left. 

The advisory petitions against Ly and Singh-Allen have no legal implications, but they are often used as political instruments.

UPDATED to reflect that the petition against Singh-Allen was posted before the Ly petition. It was incorrectly reported that the Ly petition was first posted when the petition about Singh-Allen appeared. We regret the error. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

“I’m a firm believer that every politician has a shelf life. You should serve in office as long as you bring in new, fresh ideas, and as long as your perspective is healthy and you are not jaded. (For) an elected official, public servant, at some point you’re going to reach the end of your shelf life and you need to move on.”

Gary Davis
EG Citizen, 10/30/15

Randy Bekker said...

Bobbie Singh-Allen shows compassion towards all children, ethnic groups, an those in need. The petition against her only shows the bias an support shown towards Steve Ly. It is a tactic of bullying by Steve Ly an his supporters. I think her comments were taken out of context an twisted to fit their narrative. Then they jumped with both feet as they shame the victims. This can all be stopped by Steve Ly. You should know when it is time for you to go. This issue will not go away, these thing never do. It will dog Steve Ly following him like a piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of his shoe. His progressive supporters have been quiet, some have denounced him. This page has ran quite a few non supportive articles against Steve Ly. Those he has politically supported have been silent. It is time for him to go, there are no more quarters to put into the ride.

Paul Lindsay said...

You incorrectly imply that the petition to have Ms. Singh-Allen resign was done in response to the petition calling for Mr. Ly's resignation. This is factually incorrect. The petition against Mds. Singh-Allen was started two days ago. The petition calling for Mr. Ly's resignation was started yesterday. Even a cursory review of the petitions on would have given you that rudimentary information.

Elk Grove News said...

Thank you Mr. Landsay for pointing out the incorrect timeline. The story will be updated to reflect that.

Unknown said...

Most Hmong love our culture because it is the reason why we endure many hardships. Hmong people who love their culture are from families that fought hard to preserve their culture. In history, we refuse to let the Chinese and Manchurians take our culture away and assimilate us. We are argent and zealous because we are scions of officers that fought the Secret War. We take ownership of our history and culture. The Hmong men who led our clans earned their position with merit and through the consensus of those who follow them. We still follow them even in America because of their past deed and their willingness to help us when we need advice. There are no Hmong women in America that ran for office without the backing of their clan. Every forum I go to, I see the leaders of their clan foundation walking with them as a display of power.

As a man, if I defame a Hmong brother or sister, my clan foundation president will pull me to the side as well. We do things like this because we cherished relationships. Just look at Hmong weddings, Hmong men are called out all the time. Every wedding is a time to call out past wrong and mend the relationship. In regards to Linda Vwj, we know that she was fired for something unethical and wanted to get back at Steve. She is not a mature person who accepts that she is wrong that is why she changes the narrative of the situation. The Hmong community dislikes her because she falsely used the woman card.

Bobbie Singh-Allen, you just fell into the hole Linda Vwj dug for herself. You are not worthy to be called an educator. If you do care about the people of Elk Grove, please step down. Many of us are from third party and Republicans. Your ignorance just gave us a reason to rally against you.

Bobbie, I know for sure that you are not a Lion. You are a snake.

Unknown said...

Bobbie is not going to win the race. We documented everything she did. When we try to reach out to her that what she said about culture was wrong. She blocks our comments because she does not like to be educated in Hmong culture. A person who silences people's voice is not worthy to be in any office. We are already vulnerable to hate crimes, what she did make us more unsafe. There are many angry Hmong parents in Elk Grove that will challenge her in the upcoming meetings. I rather have JUSTIN BROWN be mayor.

Steve L said...

To Unknown (above) and others:

Interesting that you bring up public office holders who block constituents from their office e-mail and other accounts and how that "silences people's voice." I sent Mayor Ly a e-mail to his city e-mail account a few months a go and it immediately bounced back stating I was "blocked" from that account. Yes, I'm a taxpayer blocked by my mayor related to city business.

People living in glass houses shouldn't be throwing rocks.

Mayor Ly has always had a double standard, one for him and his posse, and one for the rest of us. It's very well documented.

Atticus Finch said...

Who is Justin Brown? Never heard of him.

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