Endorsements offered by Elk Grove Police Officers Association in Mayoral, City Council races

On Friday, the Elk Grove Police Officers Association released their endorsements for the Elk Grove Mayoral and District 1 and 3 Elk Grove City Council races.

The POA membership decided to endorse Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen over incumbent Mayor Steve Ly. Since being elected as Mayor in 2016, Ly has never received the POA's endorsement.

In their statement, the POA cited Singh-Allen's eight years of service on the EGUSD Board of Trustees and her community involvement.

Of Singh-Allen's candidacy, the POA said she "aspires to promote positive growth in the youth of our community, our small businesses, and keeping our city safe by providing more training for law enforcement officers."

In the District 1 and 3 city council races, the POA endorsed Darren Suen and Kevin Spease, respectively. Suen is seeking his second full four year-term after being appointed to the city council in 2015, and Spease is one of four challengers along with Maureen Craft, Amandeep Singh, and Lynn Wheat, who are running for the seat being vacated by Steve Detrick.

The POA endorsed Suen in 2016 and 2018 when he unsuccessfully challenged Ly for mayor. Spease, who unsuccessfully challenged Ly for mayor in 2016, was also endorsed by the POA in that election. 

In the statement on Suen, the association said they have an "established positive working relationship with Darren Suen, and the Elk Grove Police Officers Association has always endorsed him for City Council.

Regarding Spease, the statement noted his military experience and said he "has promoted to connect the youth of our community with first responders by organizing the annual local Elk Grove events 'Shop with a Cop' and 'Fish with a Firefighter.'"

The EGPOA represents non-management police officers in the Elk Grove Police Department. The statement did not say if they would be making campaign contributions to the three candidates. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I'm having a hard time with this election, but after thoroughly analyzing each of the candidates positions on the issues and their vision for our city, I've finally decided who to vote for:

Darren Suen: Because he is an engineer.
Bobbie Singh Allen: Because she managed the school district budget
Kevin Spease: Because he went to elementary school here 40 years ago.

Eye on Elk Grove said...

I think D.J. hit his/her head on their keyboard reading all of this crazy nonsense going on in Elk Grove with the elected officials. The voice of reason better not have taken a leave of absence in all this craziness!

Randy Bekker said...

Well it is like this folks, for those that have been following along for awhile. Steve Ly said it best he needed Council members that will help him with his agenda. So Ali Moua in District # 1 an in District # 3 it is Maureen Craft which received a great video blessing by our Mayor or Amandeep Singh. So for the people of Elk Grove that leaves voting for in District # 1 to re-elect Darren Suen in District # 3 Kevin Spease an for Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen. In 2018 Ly didn’t get much support from the community he did receive support from his political clubs. But now with allegations of abusive towards women in our community Steve Ly is finding support fading this also seems to include those running on Steve Ly’s coat tails. So not surprised by the announcement of endorsements.

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