On the day Elk Grove Mayor Ly get's slammed by Sacramento Bee editorial board, another text survey making the rounds

Last week's text messaging survey that cast each of the two major candidates
in the 2020 Elk Grove mayoral race in different lights. | 

If Elk Grove Mayor Steve subscribes to the print or online version of the Sacramento Bee, he was met today with scathing criticism of surrounding allegations about his involvement in the harassment of several women in Elk Grove, including three elected officials. In their editorial (can be read here for non-subscribers), the Bee said the second term mayor "should think about whether running a reelection campaign while apologizing for harassment and facing a grand jury investigation is what’s best for Elk Grove."

For Ly, the Sacramento Bee's criticism follows the maelstrom of controversy that started in late June. Ly's former campaign manager accused him of using the Hmong clan system (Ly and his former campaign manager are both of Hmong descent) to harass her after she criticized a social media posting by the mayor.

In the aftermath, three women elected officials in Elk Grove have accused Ly of harassment, and one of them said a Ly 2018 campaign consultant engaged in the pattern of sexual harassment that Ly when confronted with the situation, did not address. Another one of these elected officials who have accused Ly, Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen, is running for mayor.

Coincidentally, today a Survey Monkey text messaging survey is being sent to Elk Grove voters from a group calling itself Public Policy Voting. Both the Ly and Singh-Allen campaigns' said they had not commissioned the study.

Unlike last week's text messaging survey, today's is more generic and less-biased. Business advocacy group Region Business, who did not respond to a social media message sent today, last week said they would be conducting a survey this week that would cover Elk Grove elections.

The relationship between Ly has been something of a roller coaster. The Sacramento Bee endorsed Ly in his first mayoral bid in 2016 and praised his election that year as the first Hmong-American mayor.

Reversing their support, the Sacramento Bee's editorial board endorsed Ly's 2018 mayoral challenger, Elk Grove City Council member Darren Suen. Notwithstanding the Sacramento Bee's and other prominent endorsements, Suen, and another candidate, Tracie Stafford, lost to Ly, who was easily reelected.

Given the Survey Monkey survey is not controlled and akin to a popularity contest, it might not be considered a valid study. The survey can be taken at this link and can be used via a cellphone and a computer.

Below are the questions in today's survey (click to enlarge).  The Sacramento Bee editorial can be viewed here

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Atticus Finch said...

First, who is Brian Pastor? Second, the text message poll is misleading b/c it assumes that Ly is under a grand jury investigation. This is false. The council recommended/requested a grand jury investigation. It may or may not even happen. More taxpayer money wasted if it does.

Gregory Jones said...

Valid survey?

Question 6 presents a "someone else" vote as = "Did not vote"

Question 12 (Favorable opinion of ly) has only one answer option.

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